School of Design

The LdM School of Design in Florence offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary methodology to design that fosters innovative and individual thinking. The educators of this department are dedicated to lead students through inquiry and application in developing their own unique approach and style. The School’s mission is to prepare culturally diverse students in the design field to enrich the world we live in through creativity and a global vision for the future.

The curriculum promotes an intercultural and transdisciplinary dialogue while guiding students from beginning to advanced areas of study. LdM design students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of learning activities with concentrations in architecture, fashion and marketing, graphic design, interior design, and jewelry design. Students at the advanced level develop the ability to make strategic decisions in professional contexts, read market trends, and formulate dynamic, effective and successful designs while building their professional portfolios, making them ready to become leaders in a global market.

Design students can participate in juried projects and, during the spring session, they have the possibility to take part in an end-of-semester pop-up art exhibition located in the historic Piazza San Lorenzo called ‘Art is in The Square’. The exhibit is positioned to involve a wide public audience from locals to tourists. This annual tradition celebrates LdM students’ cultural diversity and creative innovation within the context of Florence.