At the LdM Cafeteria located in the LdM main building in Via Faenza 43, students can enjoy freshly cooked meals, including daily vegetarian options and fresh fruit, from Monday to Friday, 11:00AM-3:30PM.

LdM meal plan

The LdM meal plan includes lunch on weekdays, consisting of:

-1 main dish: mixed plate (with a selection of pasta dishes, main courses and side dishes) or 2 sandwiches
-1 bottle of water (1/2 litre) or 1 soft drink
-1 seasonal fruit or 1 dessert
-1 coffee

The LdM meal plan offers students the possibility to also take away their meals, allowing for greater flexibility in the student’s in-between class schedule.

Purchasing a meal plan card:

The cost of each meal is EURO €15 and students can purchase a meal plan card of 10 meals plus one free meal at the cost of EURO €150. Please view the costs below for one or more meal cards:

Students can purchase their meal plan cards with credit card by connecting to the following link: http://pay.ldminstitute.comPlease note that a 2% convenience fee shall be added to the amount paid for amounts over EURO €100.

Make sure you enter the chosen amount (€150 for one meal plan card, €300 for two meal plan cards, etc.) and specify YOUR NAME + FALL 2024 MEAL PLAN in the field “for”. Once the meal card has been purchased, students should reach out to their LdM advisor and inform them of the purchase. Meal cards will be distributed onsite.