Academic Dates

Academic Calendars

The program dates listed indicate arrival and departure dates for each session. When making outbound travel arrangements, be mindful of the time change. Please be sure that your flight arrives in Italy on the correct day, as flights often arrive in Italy the day after departure.

Application Deadlines

The deadlines stated herein apply to those students enrolling through the LdM Academic Relations + Students Services Office or the LdM International Enrollment Office. If you are enrolling through an affiliate institution or program provider, please consult the information particular to that institution or provider.

Application Deadlines On-site Programs

  • Fall Semester: July 20th
  • Spring Semester: November 20th
  • January Intersession: November 15th
  • Academic Year / One-year Certificates / One-year Professional and Advanced Certificates: June 15th
  • Summer Session I (June): April 15th
  • Summer Session II (July): May 15th

Application Deadlines On-line Programs

  • A Glimpse of Italy Spring 2021:
    January 15th 2021
  • LdM ONLINE – January term 2021
    December 7th
  • Flavors of Italy August & Fall 2020
    Sequence 1: July 30th
    Sequence 2: August 30th
    Sequence 3: September 30th
    Sequence 4: October 30th