For those pursuing an academic goal, passionate interest or wanting to specialize in a professional career, LdM programs offer students every opportunity in their higher education pursuits. There are over 500 courses in 36 departments aimed to enhance the students’ academic paths and to enrich their learning experience, personal growth, and real-world skills.

Due to LdM’s favorable positioning, fully equipped facilities and innovative methods, students can enjoy hands-on, interdisciplinary learning with experts while experiencing Italy as “a classroom without walls.”

LdM’s style of academic learning gives each individual the opportunity for personal expression and the practical application of new skills, through interdisciplinary projects and engagement with the professional sector. LdM students have integral roles in conferences, festivals, film productions, archaeological digs, restoration projects, fashion shows, and other events, which enhance their academic experience. 

Students can earn US credits. For students enrolling directly to LdM, the option of receiving either an LdM transcript or a US transcript from our partner Marist College, a US accredited institution, is available. Students enrolling through affiliate institutions or providers should contact their program or home institution to learn more about their transfer of credit.