LdM Florence Library

Curated by a team of experienced librarians, the LdM Library is designed to enable students to complete their courses successfully. Its holdings have been selected considering the subjects and courses, to cater directly to the needs of students. The Library offers a continuously growing collection of innovative resources, carefully shaped in collaboration with the faculty.

The collection includes both traditional – books, periodicals and newspapers – and digital resources, including over six thousands books and nearly 1500 DVD. All the seven Schools and thirty-six Departments existing at LdM Florence are represented in the Library.

Via the catalog, the Library provides access to resources located in the Main Building (Via dell’Alloro, 13) as well as other smaller collections of books located in the buildings where the corresponding subjects are taught. Most of the resources are in English, although a large amount of Italian-language material is also available.

For their work and research, in the Main Building students will find a Main Reading Room a Screening Room and other dedicated spaces. Users can access the LdM network with their personal laptops via LAN and WiFi connections. Several computer stations are available to all students in the next room, accessible from Via del Giglio 4. Our library holdings are supplemented by a number of sizeable libraries in Florence which are available to all students.

A list can be found at this link: Free Online Resources.

Department Libraries

Besides the main library, there are a variety of departmental libraries designed to serve specialized needs that are registered through the main library system. Materials in these collections are accessible to the entire student community and are for on-site use only. Hours vary according to the opening hours of each department building. Please note that books may be available in more than one location, so check the “availability” section on the online catalog. 

Borrowing Services and Policies

Registered LdM students from all three campuses are eligible to borrow specified materials, excluding reference books and DVDs. All materials are available to read and view during the library opening hours. Most of the LdM Library holdings are not on open shelving and must be administered by the librarians. 

Loan Conditions and Periods

Loan periods are dependent on the library from which the student is borrowing and the loan status. The standard maximum is three books checked out for three days. Borrowing is not permitted during the mid-term week or the final exam week.

The library requires a deposit of 20 euro in cash to obtain borrowing privileges. The deposit is fully refundable during the last week of the semester only. The LdM Library deducts any delayed return fees or damages from the deposit. 

Please refer to the schedule below for borrowing timetables:

  • Books borrowed for three days must be returned by 6:00 p.m. on the third day.
  • Books borrowed overnight are issued at 6:00 p.m. and must be returned by 6:00 p.m. on the following day.
  • Books with “overnight” status borrowed on Fridays are due back on the following Monday by 6:00 p.m.

Photocopies and Scanning

The cost per page to make photocopies of books in the library is 5 cents per page. You may scan and save to a pen drive or to your computer. Students must be aware and follow copyright laws which only allow for a maximum of 15% of a book to be copied.

Please be respectful to your fellow students during the run-up to the final exam period and plan ahead to make your copies.


In order to maintain a high-quality study and research environment, LdM asks that individuals exercise understanding for other users. Students who wish to have a discussion or study groups may request study rooms where available. Cell/Mobile phones should be muted, and conversations should be conducted away from study and research areas. Smoking is not permitted in the Library. For all other issues, please refer to the Rules of Conduct

  • Make sure that you know the due dates of the material you check out.
  • Don’t loan your ID or checked out library books to others.
  • Report a lost ID and damaged or lost materials to the Library as soon as possible.
  • Please be respectful of the needs of other users, help keep materials in good condition, and return materials promptly. If you are unable to meet the deadline, please inform the library immediately so that we do not have to contact you directly.

Library Mission Statement

The LdM Library supports fully the Mission and Core Values of LdM.

LdM’s primary goal is to support the educational, teaching, research, and administrative needs of the faculty, students, and staff while adapting to the demands of an ever-changing resource framework and encouraging versatility and innovation.

The Library staff are dedicated to make sure that the collections are accessible to assist students and faculty and provide instruction in information literacy.


LdM Library Staff is committed to:

Identify, serve and support the library and information resource needs of the LdM community.

Act as intermediaries for further resources at the local level and beyond.

And above all, maintain an environment, technology and access structure that facilitate study and intellectual inquiry.

Main Library Building Hours

The Main Library is located at Via dell’Alloro 13. The operating hours are 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. The library informs students about special opening hours during the exam weeks.

Please note that during the month of August the library has reduced hours.