Archaeology Field School

The LdM-CAMNES Archaeology Field School is a four-week intensive program open to all persons looking for an exciting and unique opportunity. The hands-on training in archaeological fieldwork showcases a new approach in understanding ancient civilizations through a varied approach, which includes literary sources, field trips and the examination of materials found in and around Tuscania. The field school combines on-site fieldwork and specialized academic instruction by The Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies’ (CAMNES) expert team of archaeologists.   

LdM enjoys an enriching collaboration with CAMNES, and their outstanding scholars and researchers. The primary objective of this collaboration is to create an educational and research environment where students learn about the roots of our ancient past. Fieldwork is considered an essential experience focused on archaeological theory, in addition to methods and analysis, providing an exhaustive and professional approach to the subject.

Excavations take place in the Etruscan necropolises distributed throughout the modern town of Tuscania, which is believed to be an ancient settlement. The LdM-CAMNES archaeological Field School is an incredible experience with the possibility to uncover artifacts and structures of the Etruscan civilization from 200 B.C., while interacting with educators and Italian archaeology peers surrounded by a breathtaking landscape.  

The Program provides academic field trips to museums and archaeological sites as a supplemental portion of the educational experience. Through this, students are able to contextualize the cultural aspects of the ancient societies that produced the architecture and objects being excavated. Weekends offer a chance to explore the countryside and discover the amazing aspects of this region from its historic towns to the Mediterranean Sea. 

No archaeology experience or knowledge of Italian language is required. Field Schools are held in English and require serious full-time commitment as working days go from Mondays to Fridays, not including lessons and off-site visits. 

Download the Archaeology Field School brochure for further information.