Restoration Workshop

The Florence and Southern Italy Restoration Workshop at LdM provides an  exciting opportunity for participants of various ages and backgrounds to develop their personal cultural experience and creative skills. As a 4-week Program, the workshop consists of a month-long hands-on exploration of restoration and conservation, and it is offered twice, in June and in July. Along with related historical, religious and cultural insights, students balance studio classes in Florence with fieldwork in inspiring locations in Southern Italy

This workshop consists of three weeks in Florence and one field week in Southern Italy, during which students will approach the fundamentals of historical painting and of modern painting restoration techniques. By working on original polychrome wooden sculptures, oil paintings and frescoes, participants will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the subject and the basic skills needed in the profession. 

In Florence, working in a fully functional restoration lab, they will perform diagnostic studies, understand dating and historical context, learn cleaning and consolidating techniques, and how to recognize proper products and reconstruct missing parts. During hands-on sessions students will focus on original works of art from the 16th to 17th centuries, acquiring original fresco techniques such as mixing fresco mortar (intonaco), preparing a sinopia, painting a fresco, as well as various detachment and conservation methods. 

During the field week in Southern Italy, participants will be based in the antique town of Rocca Imperiale, located in the Calabria region, an important ancient Greek settlement and a notable archaeological area, also famous for its impressive medieval fortress. There, students will have the opportunity to apply the most appropriate conservation and restoration techniques to authentic works of art directly in their historical locations.  

Students will also have the opportunity to restore frescoes in an evocative 17th century sanctuary, located in the Cosenza area, in the beautiful Parco del Pollino, one of the newest and most extensive protected natural areas in Italy. Under the guidance of professional restorers, participants will also clean 17th century oil paintings from molds, salts and fungi, inside a church located in an impressive hilltop town close to Matera, the European Capital of Culture 2019, in the nearby region of Basilicata.

A special part of this experience is the chance to understand the traditions and culture of the area, as well as the opportunity to engage in various extracurricular activities. These include visiting a typical southern Italian farmhouse, getting a taste of the local culinary heritage, or discovering the surrounding area, rich in historical and natural diversity.

Download the Florence and Southern Italy Restoration Workshop Brochure for more detail.