Welcome to LdM

Founded in 1973, Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) offers comprehensive academic programs and certifications in the fields of liberal arts, Italian language and culture, creative arts, design, nutrition and Italian gastronomy, sciences, and agriculture. LdM is one of Italy’s most established international higher education institutions, with its main campus in the historical center of Florence, and sister location in Tuscania, a historical town in the Lazio region.

The strength of LdM’s academic programs lies in the educational and experiential opportunities available at each of the two sites, which are deeply rooted in their surrounding locations. Our academic programs utilize exploration and hands-on experience within an inspiring cultural framework. The combination of both traditional and innovative learning styles contributes to the unique LdM learning environment.  

LdM prepares its students through a formula that integrates both theoretical and experiential learning approaches. This fusion helps cultivate individual creativity, problem-solving skills, social and environmental awareness, as well as personal development. LdM students build a wide array of technical skills and conceptual insights necessary for their future professional careers.

LdM course offerings are grouped in seven main academic divisions: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Italian Language and Culture, Creative Arts, Design, Nutrition, Italian Gastronomy and Culture, Science and Mathematics, and Agriculture. Through LdM’s interdisciplinary approach, students can choose from over 500 different courses in 36 subject areas, all taught in English (with the exception of the Italian language courses). US study abroad students can gain college credits towards their chosen majors.