Fashion Design (One-Year Certificate)

The Fashion Design Certificate Program is designed to develop students’ ability to perform in today’s evolving fashion industry. It offers a rich experience and an opportunity to acquire industry skills in the areas of design, illustration, textiles, pattern development and digital technology. Thanks to a wide selection of topics, students learn to incorporate a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to designing within a global context.

The Program gives students the foundation to enter the field of professional fashion design while exploring its different aspects from research and design to the finished products, gaining a complete overview of the business sector. Students learn specific industry terms and become familiar with all phases of apparel production, acquiring both the theoretical fundamentals and the practical skills needed to successfully and confidentially find their way in the multifaceted world of the fashion industry. Further to this, those following this program obtain a fundamental understanding of skills from fashion illustration and digital design to the secrets of pattern making, cutting and sewing, and draping, to create and present their garments in collections that reflect their personal style.

Facilities provide students with a computer lab equipped with the latest industry software and technology, classrooms equipped with design tools and instruments, material samples, and a library specifically focused on the fashion industry, including periodicals, books, press, and film.

The completion of the Program offers a broad range of career opportunities including fashion design, product development, technical design, patternmaking, textile design, trend forecasting and more. Students who have successfully completed the One-Year Certificate in Fashion Design, may move onto the Professional Year, thereby completing a two-year program in Fashion Design.



• Introduction to the Fashion Industry3 credits/45 hours
• Construction Techniques3 credits/90 hours
• Fashion Illustration I3 credits/90 hours
• Textile Science 3 credits/45 hours
• CAD for Fashion Design I3 credits/60 hours
• History of Costume – 3 credits/45 hours


•Patternmaking – 3 credits/90 hours
•Fabric Styling – 3 credits/60 hours
•Fashion Illustration II – 3 credits/90 hours
•Draping I – 3 credits/90 hours
•Trend Forecasting – 1 credit/45 hours

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.


– Lab equipped with mannequins and sewing machines
– Computer lab equipped with the latest industry software and technologies
– Classrooms equipped with design tools and instruments
– Material samples
– Library specifically focused on fashion