Two Italies Program

Two Italies: FAll 2021: Florence and Tuscania

With the Two Italies Program, students embark on an intercultural journey exploring different aspects of the Italian culture and lifestyle. The program starts in cosmopolitan Florence, a city of art, design, and fashion. It then continues to Tuscania, a picturesque hill-top town in northern Lazio, located right between Florence and Rome, the Italian Capital, in one of the country’s most authentic and unspoiled areas,  also noted for its Etruscan necropolises. 

The curriculum is a celebration of all things Italian, from the country’s ancient history, to its excellence in the area of eno-gastronomy, approached from a Business and Marketing viewpoint. At the same time, Two Italies engages students with a reflection upon contemporary and eternal issues, such as the pursuit of happiness in challenging times, and the importance of sustainable practices in today’s food production and supply. An exploration of the Italian Language ties together the students’ experience through two of the most fascinating regions of our country; In Florence (Tuscany region), they get the Italian Language basics necessary to start navigating Italian everyday life. In Tuscania (Lazio region), students immerse themselves in the welcoming environment of the countryside for an authentic Italian-style experience, getting the chance to engage in daily conversation with locals and to discover the natural beauty of the surroundings.

This dynamic program offers students a diverse and informed approach to the multifaceted aspects of contemporary Italy. It allows them to learn more about cultural differences and the settings in which they find themselves. Students spend over a month in Florence and then move to Tuscania, where they’ll enjoy the beauty of the Italian fall, taking a total of  five 3-credit classes. Students will be closely supported by LdM’s expert and experienced team of advisors, support staff, and faculty at each of these locations.

except for the Exploring Italy Through Language and Culture course


Exploring Italy Through Language and Culture
ITL 124 / ITL 224
Elementary to Intermediate Levels / Upper Intermediate to Advanced Levels Module One: Pre-session *

Florentia: The Ancient Roots of Florence
HIS 215 / ANC 215

The Pursuit of Happiness: Cultivating Well-being in Challenging Times
PHI 220 / PSY 220


Exploring Italy Through Language and Culture
ITL 124 / ITL 224
Elementary to Intermediate Levels / Upper Intermediate to Advanced Levels
Module Two: Super intensive session *

Wine Business & Marketing
BUS 252 / IGC 252

Sustainable Food and the New Global Challenge
IGC 280 / ENV 280

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