Bachelor of Science in Digital Media

The Marist-LdM Bachelor of Science in Digital Media degree program positions students to be competitive in one of the fastest growing professional fields as they develop their own expressive voice. The interdisciplinary coursework emphasizes the importance of media in the global sphere and how to approach it through both digital and traditional techniques.   

The Marist-LdM BS in Digital Media degree is a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree program aimed to give students the tools to analyze all digital communication needs by approaching them through graphic design, illustration, and animation. By allowing students to take projects from concept to reality, the courses lay the groundwork for them to successfully convey a message from an informed position when creating brands, identities, and objects. Through a variety of hands-on experiences, students learn the skills to make strategic decisions, read market trends and devise forward-thinking solutions to execute a final product.

Those who choose to follow the path of the Digital Media bachelor’s program are provided with multi-functional labs where they can put into practice the most recent technological and traditional techniques as they are acquired. The LdM library and the LdM digital media department library are available for students to expand their study through the vast collections of literature and media content. A state-of-the-art printing center is also on hand to cover the students’ needs from plotting to binding to cloth printing.


Note: A minimum of 60 credits in Liberal Arts is required.


(21 Credits)

History of Western Art I: Antiquity to Early Renaissance

History of Western Art II: High Renaissance to Present

History of 20th Century Art/Avant-Garde and Modernist Art

Contemporary Art

Graphic Design: Art Project Development

Information & Computer Literacy

Capping Course/Images and Words


Track Requirements (12 Credits)

Visual Design Theory/Found. Of Visual Comm.

Basic Drawing/Principles of Drawing and Composition

Introductory Sculpture

Digital Graphics Technical Fundamentals


Concentration Requirements (21 Credits)

Flash for Web/Web Animation

Digital Photography/Intro to Digital Photography

Web Design I/Web Design Fundamentals

Graphic Design


Select three (3) courses from the following:

Web Design II/Dynamic Web Design

Motion Graphic Techniques

Advanced Imaging

Rendering Essentials

Web Authoring/Professional Blog Design

Intermediate Digital Photography


Course Requirements (15 Credits)

Students must take an additional fifteen (15) credits in art electives, related field electives (i.e. multimedia related courses), and/or in a professional internship or any combination of the three


Core / Liberal Studies & Foundation Requirements (42-45 Credits)

Elective Course Requirements (6-9 Credits)

Total Requirement for Graduation (120 Credits)

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