Jewelry Design (Professional Certificate)

The Jewelry Design Professional Program is for students who already possess the basic skills and knowledge related to jewelry design and jewelry making.

The program is designed to further strengthen the students’ technical and creative skills and to help them develop their original style. This is achieved by completing a coherent body of work to present to the outside world, with a focus on:
advanced jewelry making techniques
• experimentation
project development from concept to realization
• presentation of work

Techniques covered in the program include: complex mechanisms of movement and closures; forging; engraving; stone setting techniques such as channel setting, grain setting, and innovative modern technologies. The program fosters experimentation using non-traditional materials, alternative methods in wax carving, casting and metal surface treatments, in order to expand the possibilities of creation and inspiration.

Students also work on a hands-on project, starting from research and concept development to the actual realization of a jewelry collection. The project is presented in an exhibition, whose display and catalogue are also curated by students. They will also work on creating a professional portfolio, which will be developed in preparation for future career opportunities in the jewelry world, such as working as an independent artist, designer or product manager for established brands, goldsmith for companies, starting their own jewelry business, etc.

Facilities provide students with a fully equipped lab with machinery used in jewelry production and updated computer programs to develop rendering and 3D projects. 

The Jewelry Design Professional Certificate leads to interesting and diverse careers as an independent jewelry designer, work within an established design house, gem work, metalwork and even textiles.


  • Florentine Jewelry Engraving Techniques
    JWY 275 F – 3 cr. / 90 hrs
  • Jewelry Design III
    JWY 300 F – 3 cr. / 60 hrs
  • Jewelry Making III
    JWY 335 F – 3 cr. / 90 hrs
  • Wax Carving and Casting Techniques II
    JWY 370 F – 3 cr. / 60 hrs
  • Individual Jewelry Project*
    45 hrs
  • Stone Setting II
    JWY 380 F – 3 cr. / 60 hrs
  • Portfolio Development in Jewelry
    JWY 400 F – 3 cr. / 45 hrs
  • Jewelry Making IV
    JWY 410 F – 3 cr. / 90 hrs
  • Preofessional Jewelry Experience
    JWY 415 F – 3 cr. / 90 hrs
  • Individual Jewelry Project*
    45 hrs

*The individual Jewelry Project consists of mandatory lab hours during which students develop their own projects, giving space to creativity, experimentation, and self-expression.

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.


– Fully-equipped lab with machinery used in jewelry production
– Updated computer programs to develop rendering and 3D projects