Fine Arts (One-Year Certificate)

The Fine Arts Certificate Program at LdM allows students to develop a strong foundation in drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculpture that opens doors to self-expression as they find their voice as visual artists. Students learn theoretical concepts and acquire the necessary tools that underlie the making of historical and contemporary art. From the finest painters of the Renaissance to unparalleled access to museums and open studios, students find inspiration in one of the richest art environments, Florence.  

The Program is structured in a sequence to set a strong base for students to master different expressive tools while creating their own works of art. The faculty hold lessons in-field using Florence as a classroom setting in historical gardens, lively streets, and the surrounding areas of the city. Students build from this base as they discover classic Italian artistic traditions such as the Tuscan art of terracotta and painting and printing techniques. As they continue through the program, students learn the basic principles of hatching, drawing, color mixing, handling of brush strokes, glazing and scumbling, as well as traditional canvas preparation, all while realizing their potential as expressive artists. 

Art history is another essential component to the Program paying particular attention to the works of the Renaissance masters. Students have the unique opportunity to view these masters first-hand, which allows them to gain knowledge from other mindsets different from their own that reveals truths about their own artistic paths.  

Fine Art students can take part in an end-of-semester pop-up art exhibition in Piazza San Lorenzo called ‘Art is in the Square’ in the spring and in juried projects throughout the year. This annual tradition of LdM celebrates our students’ cultural diversity in the annals of Florentine art history. 

Facilities provide students with fully equipped studio labs, materials and art tools, a computer lab, and an updated library of books and periodicals.

A certificate in Fine Arts entails the development of a range of practical and creative skills as well as valuable experience entering exhibitions, which opens doors to a broad range of career opportunities such as a commercial art gallery manager, exhibition designer, educator, graphic designer, illustrator and fine artist. Students who have successfully completed the One-Year Certificate in Fine Arts, may move onto the Professional Year, thereby completing a two-year program in Fine Arts.



•Basic Printmaking3 credits/90 hours
•Principles of Drawing and Composition3 credits/60 hours
•Ceramics3 credits/90 hours
•Foundation Oil Painting3 credits/90 hours
•Art History II: High Renaissance to the Present3 credits/45 hours


Fundamentals of Art and Design: Color Theory3 credits/60 hours
Etching3 credits/90 hours
Intermediate Drawing3 credits/60 hours
Intermediate Painting3 credits/90 hours
Avant-Garde and Modernist Art (1900-1950)3 credits/45 hours

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.


– Fully equipped studio labs
– Materials and art tools
– Computer lab
– Updated library of books and magazines