Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts: Studio Art

The Marist-LdM Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art allows art majors to not only explore the historical and vibrant city of Florence, but also to form a connection with renowned masterpieces as they refine their own artistic voice. The city of Florence is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, as well as modern humanism and naturalism in art, and has inspired the masters and contemporary artists alike throughout the centuries. 

An essential aspect of the program is students’ access to museums, festivals and artists in one of the most vibrant art environments in Europe. Such opportunities ensure the ideas covered in LdM’s majors are expanded and developed, and they also give students the vision and tools necessary to take on artistic endeavors within LdM and beyond.

The four-year program for a B.A. in Studio Arts from Marist-LdM is designed to stimulate and develop the individual creativity of each student, while providing not only the technical skills but also the conceptual insights necessary to sustain artistic practices. The broad-based curriculum enriches students with the tools essential for entering the competitive labor market by combining training in the visual arts with a traditional liberal arts education.

Upon completing the foundation courses in liberal arts, majors can choose from eight specializations: digital media, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture or restoration to round out their educational degree. 


Note: A minimum of 90 credits in Liberal Arts is required.


(21 Credits)

Fundamentals of Art & Design: Color Theory

Basic Drawing/Principles of Drawing and Composition

History of Western Art I: Antiquity to Early Renaissance

History of Western Art II: High Renaissance to Present

One 200-300 level Art History course

Information & Computer Literacy

Capping Courses/Images and Words


(21 Credits)

Three (3) courses in one of the following: digital media, drawing, design, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics, or restoration

Each student is required to take four (4) additional courses in studio art


Core / Liberal Studies & Foundation Requirements (42-45 Credits)

Elective Course Requirements (33 – 36 Credits)

Total Requirement for Graduation (120 Credits)

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