Programs at LdM Tuscania

The curriculum at LdM Tuscania is focused on instructing students in the arts, agricultural sciences, Italian language and culinary arts of the region in a fully immersed environment. All courses are taught in English, except for Italian Language courses.

Courses in history and archaeology focus on the Etruscan, Roman and Medieval civilizations. LdM School of Nutrition, Italian Gastronomy and Culture, and School of Agriculture programs reflect Tuscania’s connection to the agricultural cycles and traditions of the area, focusing on sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Another important offering at LdM Tuscania is the specialized Italian Language Through Service Learning program, where students are immersed in the Italian language through community service. The benefits of this program extend beyond academic credit, as students gain valuable knowledge about the importance of empathy and community work to improve the lives of others.

Study Abroad Programs

What does it mean to study abroad at LdM? As an LdM student, you will learn both inside and outside of the classroom, exploring and utilizing the resources of Tuscania, its art, history, and monuments as part of your formal and informal education.

Academic Semester and Year Abroad Programs

Summer Certificate Programs

Semester or year-long programs foster awareness and understanding of the course subjects and are specifically designed for students who want to live an immersive experience. A mandatory Italian language component is available at different degrees of intensity, depending on the students’ level and interest in developing language skills.

The Summer Programs comprise month-long courses in June and July and are well-suited for both undergraduate students who want to study abroad and earn academic credit, as well as for independent students seeking a meaningful educational experience in Tuscania.