LdM Florence

LdM Florence is situated right at the heart of the birthplace of the Renaissance, where art, architecture, philosophy, and civic liberalism changed the Medieval world and still influence life today. LdM’s main campus has its head office on Via Faenza, a street dating back to 13th-century Florence. The main building was once a convent connected to the now deconsecrated church of San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini, which belonged to the Knights Templar.

In a city with such a rich historical importance, LdM Florence is primed to be the ideal choice for students interested in studying architecture, fine arts, fashion design, anthropology, and Italian language and culture.

About Florence

With over 2000 years of history, Florence is celebrated as the birthplace of modern humanism, naturalism in the arts, and scientific inquiry; it has produced masters such as Dante, Brunelleschi, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Machiavelli. These artists and thinkers were mavericks of their time, forever changing the way we examine the world.

Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its extraordinary monuments and palaces, Florence has become a major cultural landmark; travelers and admirers of the arts visit from all parts of the world to see its famous architecture, works of art, and the breathtaking rolling hills that surround the city.

In the last century, the birth of world-famous Florentine fashion labels has helped Florence make its mark on the modern era. Thanks to its commerce, wine, culinary delights, innovational creativity, and talented artisans, Florence has become one of Europe’s treasured global cities while remaining a testament to its past.