Jose Ignacio Morejon


Jose studied with us in Fall 2022 where he completed a Semester Certificate in Product Design Towards Sustainability. As part of his studies in the Technical Drawing course, he created the project “Design for Virgil” in which he designed a furniture collection for the late designer Virgil Abloh and his studio staff at Off-White.

“I decided to develop my collection around Virgil Abloh, one of the most influential designers in the world of fashion and also one of my biggest idols. This collection is thought to be implemented in an Off-White design studio, where a lot of collective efforts take place, maintaining the design identity of the brand and Virgil’s work. To achieve this goal, the collection is made up of a meeting chair and table, and a boss chair. This last one is designed thinking about Virgil leading the creative sessions of Off-White and the other pieces are intended for the staff, enabling a fluid exchange of ideas that is necessary for the success of a design studio as important as this one.”

Jose Ignacio Morejon

About his time at LdM

“I can assure this was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I was able to get a taste of Italian culture not only through their way of living, but also through academic insights that also demonstrated the elegance and passion that Italy is known for. My teachers showed me new ways of applying design, opening my learning spectrum to new horizons and pushing me to improve the abilities I already had. Because of these reasons I can say with certainty that LdM was one of the most enriching experiences of my vocational training and I know I’ll value the memories and knowledge I got from Florence for the rest of my life.”

Works created in the courses: Technical Drawing
Part of LdM Architecture in Urban Context Certificate

To learn more about Jose’s design follow him on Instagram @joseigmorejon + @design_more_