Global Luxury

Addressing the increasing growth of the luxury sector and sales, students gain a broader understanding of the brands and strategies encompassing diverse industries. The concentration of courses offer a specialized pathway with components of history, communication and business segments of the international luxury markets. Includes emerging trends and business practices with a focus on Italian and European brands.

  • Made in Italy: A Culture of Excellence BUS 283 F / SOC 283 F 3 cr / 45 hrs
  • History of Italian Fashion FAS 305 F 3 cr / 45 hrs
  • Luxury Brand Management FAS 352 F 3 cr / 45 hrs

Students are required to choose one course from each group below:

One course from Communication:

  • Visual Culture in Italy since 1945 (Art, Design, Media) COM 277 F 3 cr / 45 hrs
  • Communication and the Art of Leadership COM 304 F 3 cr / 45 hrs

One course from International Business:

  • International Marketing BUS 312 F 3 cr / 45 hrs
  • Global Sales Management FAS 353 F 3 cr / 45 hrs

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.


Computer lab equipped with the latest industry software and technologies

  • Classrooms equipped with design tools and instruments
  • Material samples
  • Library specifically focused on the fashion industry, including periodicals, books, press, and movies