Programs at LdM Florence

LdM Florence is the ideal choice for those interested in studying the humanities, creative arts, design and Italian language and culture. Students can choose from over 400 courses, all taught in English, except for Italian language classes.

Study Abroad programs range from academic semesters to summer courses and workshops, and they are available along with undergraduate Certificate programs, Bachelor’s Degree Programs, and a Master of Arts in Museum Studies for graduate students.

Study Abroad Programs

LdM’s study abroad students challenge their thinking and expand their perspective on a global level while learning both inside and outside the classroom. Students have the opportunity to explore and utilize the resources of the city – including its art, architecture, and cultural history – as part of their educational development.

Academic Semester and Year Abroad Programs

Semester or year-long programs foster awareness and understanding of the course subjects and are specifically designed for students who want to live an immersive experience. A mandatory Italian language component is available at different degrees of intensity, depending on the students’ level and interest in developing language skills.

January Intersession

The three-week-long January Intersession courses, taught in English except for Italian language courses, afford the opportunity for undergraduates, independent students, and adult students to study abroad in Florence.<

Summer Programs

The Summer Programs comprise month-long courses in June and July and are well-suited for both undergraduate students who want to study abroad and earn academic credit, as well as for independent students seeking a meaningful educational experience. The summer months offer a variety of cultural and artistic events that take place in and around the LdM site, enriching the student’s didactic path.

Summer Restoration Workshop

The Summer Restoration Workshop provides an exciting opportunity for both undergraduate and adult students of varying backgrounds to prove themselves in the restoration field and deepen their creative skills.

Certificate Programs

The LdM Certificate Programs develop student creativity, artistic talent, and technical skills within structured plans of study. LdM offers semester, one-year, and two-year Certificates that combine a strong theoretical base with practical work in order to reach professional goals.

Marist – LdM
U.S. Bachelors

LdM has partnered with Marist College to offer international students the ability to earn a US Bachelor’s Degree while studying in Italy via a fully accredited US degree program.