School of Italian Language and Culture

The LdM School of Italian Language and Culture has over forty-five years of experience and research in teaching Italian language and culture. This School’s mission is to be a driving force in teaching and promoting the language, literature and culture of Italy. The broad scope of study includes multiple disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives of Italy through its language and its history in regional, national, European, Mediterranean, and global contexts, spanning from the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the present day. 

The curriculum provides invaluable insight into the origins and development of the Italian language tradition and its continuing legacy and influence in today’s globalized world. LdM offers students the opportunity to work closely with faculty and peers in an academic atmosphere promoting dialogue in a positive learning environment. LdM integrates academic activities with cultural programs that further enrich the students’ stay in Italy while fostering confidence in their newly acquired language.

In Florence, Rome and Tuscania a variety of Italian Culture Courses (ITC) -such as art history and Italian literature– are offered; they are built around the characteristics, specific geographical location and historical and cultural heritage of each of the three sites, in order  to further enhance the understanding of the Italian language. These courses are taught in Italian and require a specific level of competency depending on the course.

LdM is a proud member of the International Association of Language Centers (IALC).