Stop-Motion Workshop

The LdM Summer Workshop provides an exciting opportunity for participants of various ages and backgrounds to deepen their personal cultural experience and creative skills. As a 4-week
program, the workshop consists of a month-long hands-on exploration of the stop-motion animation techniques.

Summer I and Summer II, June and July 2024
Stop-Motion Workshop at Misseri Studio - Florence – FMA 200 F

Stop-motion – The Art of Animating Objects
Stop-motion isn’t just an animation technique that brings movement to lifeless figures. It is a creative process that can bring ordinary objects and materials such as clay, sand, paper to life, creating unexpected motion and bringing unimaginable stories onto the screen.

Years after its debut, stop-motion continues to be one of the cinematographic techniques most appreciated in the industry across all innovations in cinema. Once filmed in 35 mm, today with the aid of digital techniques, it becomes more affordable and allows for even more creativity and experimentation.

The LdM Workshop at Associati Audiovisivi – Misseri Studio:
This unique workshop, held in a real professional and international environment, aims to provide students with a basic understanding of the stop-motion processes, such as creation of the subject, writing of the script, developing storyboard and animatic, building the characters, animation techniques, post-production and finalization of the project.
What will you focus on:
Working individually but yet as a team, students will work on a paper folding animation project. Software such as Dragonframe, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere will be used. There will also be time to analyze job opportunities in the field, with particular focus on the evolving television and online market. Manual abilities will be verified through a home exercise prior to enrollment.
Career Readiness
Taking place in a professional environment in the field of stop-motion animation, the workshop enables the acquisition
of specific skills throughout the program, while also preparing participants for employment opportunities in the field
of animation.
The workshop includes mandatory open studio from 3:30 to 5:30 PM.
About Studio Misseri:

The workshop will take place at Misseri Studio, a renown animation studio located at Castello di Montalbano in the nearby hills of Florence, which produces popular TV series such as ‘Pozzie’, with animated water drops, ‘Mio Mao’, animated clay kitten, ‘Bert & Ernie’s Great Adventures’, a claymation version of Sesame Street, ‘Mofy’, an innovative cotton puffs animation, and now under development ‘Paper Mask’, a unique paper folding animation.

LdM Study Abroad SUMMER 2024:

To apply  for Summer 2024, contact [email protected]. Students who are interested can apply for US credits.

Application Deadlines SUMMER 2024:

(Programs and Housing)

June Session: April 10th, 2024

July Session: May 15th, 2024