Health and Safety

LdM was one of the first international institutions to welcome students back to Florence in Fall 2020.

LdM has worked diligently to create a safe environment that allows students to make the most of their study abroad experience, in compliance with the guidance from the Italian government and the local health authorities.

The LdM staff is committed to assisting and guiding students through their stay in Florence and at LdM, while prioritizing their health and personal safety.

LdM continues to monitor the pandemic and update its safety and health protocols according to the guidance of the Italian (national, regional, and local) and global health authorities. All members of the LdM community will be advised of any such changes.

In this page, latest COVID updates will be continuously published throughout the semester.


The Italian government issued a decree (effective May) 1 and updated the COVID-19 regulations in place.

Green Pass
The Green Pass requirement no longer applies to schools including LdM, eateries and bars (both indoors and outdoors), public transportation, gyms, spas, pools, cinemas, theaters, indoor events, and discos. It remains mandatory to visit a patient inside a hospital.

FFP2 Face Masks
FFP2 face masks have still to be worn on public transportation, during indoor events (i.e., cinemas, theaters, sport competitions centers, concert halls, etc.), and inside hospitals. This requirement is in place until June 15, 2022.

Traveling to Italy

As of June 1, 2022 a Green Pass or equivalent certificate is no longer needed to enter Italy.

COVID-19 restrictive measures for arrivals from abroad are no longer in force.

In Italy, some containment measures – such as the use of masks under specific circumstances – shall remain in force until 15 June.

For further information, see ViaggiareSicuri’s detailed information page and the Ministry of Health website.

Anyone who intends to travel abroad, regardless of the destination and the reasons of the journey, must bear in mind that travelling in this period may involve a health risk.

It is therefore recommended to carefully plan the journey in detail, to consider the possibility of spending an additional period abroad and to take out health insurance that also covers risks associated with COVID-19.

We will continue to share updates on arrival in Italy on this page.


  • LdM will facilitate the students’ arrival and will send relevant arrival information via email, including instructions to complete any forms required by the Italian government/authorities.
  • Students who are required to quarantine upon arrival will receive specific instructions via email before they arrive in Italy. LdM staff will assist them on-site during the self-isolation period and the LdM emergency line will be available 24/7 should the students need any help.


Students may be subject to quarantine, depending on current Italian government regulations. 

LdM is continually monitoring travel guidelines, including entry/quarantine requirements and COVID-tested flight options. LdM will provide the most updated travel-related guidance from the Italian government, but advises students to consult to their home country, airline, and local Italian Consulate for further/additional detail.

Students who should need to quarantine upon arrival in Florence will be required to follow procedures according to current COVID-19 regulations. The period of quarantine includes restrictions on the movement of people and remaining separated from others to help protect the public by preventing exposure to and spread of COVID-19. Students must follow guidelines which include remaining in their quarantine lodging and preventing non-residents/visitors from entering the lodging. Additionally, leaving the quarantine lodging (including for shopping, exercise, or to visit friends) and use of public transportation are prohibited during this time.

LdM staff will assist the students and provide support throughout the period of quarantine with practical guidance, resources for ordering meals/groceries from food and grocery delivery providers, contact with Student Advising Team, medical care (if needed), and a 24/7 emergency line.


  • LdM will offer double and single rooms in shared apartments. In case of any requirements for the COVID-19 emergency evolution (quarantine, etc.), the accommodation arrangement may be subject to change.
  • Common areas and bathrooms in the apartments will be professionally cleaned every 2 weeks during the semester. Additionally, apartments will be furnished with sanitizing products and students will be instructed on best practices regarding the sanitizing of the apartment, with particular attention to the common areas.
  • Prior to their arrival, the LdM Housing Office will provide students with guidance for following health and safety measures in their apartment.


At the entrance of all premises, the front desks will serve as checkpoints that will:

  • require all students, faculty, and staff members to sign the building COVID-19 attendance roster;
  • provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer;
  • and distribute face masks as needed.

Please note:

  • It is mandatory to wear surgical face masks (provided by LdM) inside all LdM premises at all times.
  • Students may access the LdM building where their courses are held no earlier than 20 minutes prior to the start of the class.
  • Classroom capacity follows social distancing protocols among students and the professor.
  • Classroom layouts are in compliance with social distancing regulations. Physical barriers, such as plastic flexible screens, have been installed where the social distancing rules cannot be guaranteed.
  • LdM manages the use of space and provides physical guides and signs to ensure that social distancing rules are respected when entering and exiting the LdM premises and accessing the common areas.
  • Alcohol-based sanitizer stations are continuously available inside all LdM premises.
  • In addition to constant ventilation and aeration, routine cleaning and sanitization are conducted.
  • Open Studio hours are available for practical courses. After the start of the courses, the school will announce the official schedule for Open Studios. To ensure proper social distancing, only a limited number of students are permitted to access the studios. Safety and health protocols apply to all Open Studio hours on the LdM campus. Students are responsible for sanitizing their seating/lab workstation, including any shared lab equipment/materials, before, during, and after their session. LdM staff monitor and reinforce safety protocols during Open Studio hours.


  • Students must have a laptop or other suitable technological device (i.e., tablet) to access and complete coursework as assigned.
  • Shared lab course equipment/materials will be sanitized before, during, and after the lesson.
  • All courses are currently being held in-person. LdM is continually monitoring the pandemic conditions and will update students regularly on the government measures regarding the containment and management of COVID-19.
  • To the extent possible, do not use material that comes into contact with other people, unless otherwise specified.
  • Students experiencing flu-like symptoms (i.e., sore throat, cough, fever, difficulty breathing, chest pain, etc.) should stay home and not go to school or to other places. Students should inform the school by calling and/or emailing their LdM Advisor during office hours (Mon-Thu 8:30am-5:00pm and Fri 9:00am-1:00pm) or calling the LdM emergency line outside of advising hours and/or when the school is closed. Students should seek immediate medical attention with the support of their LdM Advisor and maintain consistent communication with LdM, informing the school of any development regarding their health. See also Student Health and Well-being.


  • The office for LdM Advisors is located on Via Faenza 71red (2 doors to the right of Via Faenza 43). Students who wish to meet in-person with their LdM Advisor should book an appointment. During office hours, LdM Advisors are available in-person, via email, telephone, video call, and/or chat. Outside of office hours, students who need assistance can call the LdM emergency line available 24/7.
  • LdM Advisors will send any applicable updates related to decrees that are instituted by the Italian government, including potential travel restrictions.


  • Students must wear face masks during LdM-sponsored activities unless held outdoors.
  • The number of available spots per activity has been adapted in compliance with social distancing protocols.
  • The use of public transportation for LdM-sponsored activities has resumed.

Prioritizing the student’s health and safety, the LdM Activity Coordinator organizes quality activities aligned with all regulations in place at the time of the activities, which might include:

  • Guided tours of the city;
  • Thematic tours;
  • Urban hikes;
  • Cooking activities – discovering Italy’s regional food tradition;
  • Visits to local markets;
  • Historical palaces and museum visits;
  • Artisan boutiques and artist studios visits;
  • Hands-on creative workshops.


In Italy COVID-19 tests officially recognized are either PCR or rapid antigen tests performed in any testing facilities (including pharmacies). Home tests are not considered official.

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, LdM will facilitate their quarantine/isolation and comply with the protocols recommended by local health authorities. In order to return to campus, students must obtain a negative swab (either PCR or rapid antigen) test result.

QUARANTINE for COVID-19 exposed individuals

Quarantine is not required and it is mandatory to wear a FFP2 face mask for at least 10 days since the last exposure. If symptoms develop, a swab (either PCR or rapid antigen) test should be performed.

ISOLATION for COVID-19 positive individuals
In the event of a positive test result, the duration of the precautionary quarantine is 10 days (reduced to 7 if the booster was received or has completed the vaccine cycle in the last 4 months). A negative swab (either PCR or rapid antigen) test result ends the isolation period. In case of symptoms (such as fever, cough, headache, etc.), the length of precautionary isolation remains the same as above and the end-of-isolation test can be performed only after 3 days without symptoms.

If a medical professional advises that a student with COVID-like symptoms be removed from their LdM shared apartment to isolate, LdM will accommodate the recommendation.

During a student’s period of quarantine/isolation, LdM staff will assist the student by:

  • Providing practical guidance for ordering meals and groceries from food and grocery delivery providers.;
  • Purchasing medications on behalf of the student (if needed).;
  • Reinforcing guidelines for cleaning/sanitizing procedures.
  • Facilitating access to English-speaking medical professionals.
  • LdM recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic might impact the students’ mental health and well-being. LdM counselors and psychiatrist are available to students.


Some private clinics perform PCR and antigenic (rapid) swab tests. The private clinic closest to the LdM Campus is Fanfani Ricerche Cliniche (on Piazza dell’Indipendenza 18/b).  Antigenic swab tests can be performed in several pharmacies in the city center (i.e., Reale Croci pharmacy on Via del Proconsolo 22/r).


Traveling during a pandemic requires planning and careful consideration of the status of the virus in the destination. The Italian government monitors the pandemic spread and updates its guidelines regarding travel from/to Italy. The latest information is available here

As per the current Italian government decree, no travel restrictions are in place. 

Traveling to Italy

As of 1 June 2022, the Green Pass or other equivalent certification is no longer required for entry or re-entry into Italy.

COVID-19 restrictive measures for arrivals from abroad are no longer in force.

In Italy, some containment measures – such as the use of masks under specific circumstances – shall remain in force until 15 June.

For further information, see ViaggiareSicuri’s detailed information page and the Ministry of Health website.

Anyone who intends to travel abroad, regardless of the destination and the reasons of the journey, must bear in mind that travelling in this period may involve a health risk.

It is therefore recommended to carefully plan the journey in detail, to consider the possibility of spending an additional period abroad and to take out health insurance that also covers risks associated with COVID-19.

Traveling from Italy

If students choose to travel, they are responsible for gathering updated COVID-19 information of their travel location. It is important to consider that any country in the Schengen area may change entry requirements and restrictions according to their current COVID-19 virus spread. The health and personal safety of our students are a priority for LdM. As such, students will receive a weekly travel notification form via email to complete and submit to LdM indicating whether they are planning on traveling outside of Florence or remaining in town.

To use public transport correctly, it is fundamental to follow some important rules:

  • Buy your ticket online whenever possible.
  • Sit only in the places allowed and indicated by appropriate signs.
  • Wear face masks to cover your nose and mouth.

During travel, everyone should wash hands frequently, cough or sneeze into a bent elbow or tissue, and follow the recommendations of the travel authorities regarding policies in the airport, as well as those of the airline/s.


Students are expected to do their part in the collective effort to minimize the impact of COVID-19 and to take individual responsibility for complying with measures set forth by the Italian government and LdM, both on and off campus (including but not limited to those within LdM Housing and/or related to travel).

LdM will review all COVID-related guidelines and expectations as well as all general LdM rules and regulations (e.g., Academic Regulations and Rules of Conduct) with students during Orientation. Students will be advised of governmental and institutional consequences for failing to adhere to such guidance.

Accordingly, students will sign a commitment form/waiver, whereby they recognize their obligation to their own health and safety as well as to the overall health and safety of the Florence and LdM communities.


Throughout the past semesters, LdM students demonstrated responsibility in following guidance communicated by LdM staff, adapting to any applicable changes in health and safety measures on and off campus.

We are proud of the cohesive and respectful response of the entire LdM community and we expect the commitment and resilience of LdM students, faculty, and staff to continue for the success of Spring 2021 semester and of upcoming sessions.