LdM Tuscania Activities

Tuscania is conveniently located near many natural points of interest. During downtime, students have a chance to relax and explore Italy and to discover its rich culture, traditions, and history. The area surrounding the campus is the perfect place to escape in nature, offering activities such as horse riding and hiking expeditions. Additionally, the area is full of historical and cultural sights including an ancient archaeological park, an Etruscan necropolis dating back to the the1st century BC, and many medieval churches waiting to be discovered. 

Day trips from Tuscania

Only 15 minutes from Tuscania:

Just outside of Tuscania lies Bolsena Lake, the largest volcanic lake in Europe. From its shores, students can rent a boat and visit the Byzantine Island, stroll through traditional Italian-style gardens and monuments, and enjoy the natural beauty of the lush forests surrounding the lake.

Only 20 minutes away from Tuscania:

The Tyrrhenian coasts of Tarquinia and Montalto, known as the Etruscan Riviera, makes for the perfect day at the beach. LdM Staff help students organize day trips to Giglio Island, which lies in the southern corner of the Tuscan Archipelago. There are 21 kilometers of beach on the island and small villages to keep every type of adventurer satisfied.

Viterbo, the capital of the province, is a medieval city with a lively community and an active art scene. Just across the bridge is the enchanted “dying village” of Civita di Bagnoregio, a town frozen in time.

An additional 20 minutes away, students can spend the day relaxing at Terme dei Papi, a 2000-sqm Monumental Therapeutic Pool full of thermal water coming from Bullicame’s spring. The thermal water is renowned for its healing qualities and skin benefits, and it is popular both during the summer and winter months. Students can also enjoy spa treatments at the Natural Grotto, a unique Turkish thermal bath, which has a cascade of natural spring water.

Only 30 minutes away from Tuscania:

The archeological Park of Vulci is a historically rich Etruscan town where students can take a hiking tour. Afterward, they can enjoy the Terme di Vulci to relax and swim in pools of thermal water surrounded by nature.

In Umbria, students can visit the marvelous Marmore Falls, which boasts a height of 165 meters.

Students can easily take a day trip to Rome, which is only a one-and-a-half-hour drive or train ride away from the Tarquinia train station.

Weekly free activities at LdM Tuscania

During the week, students have the chance to relax after class and get a fresh perspective on life while regenerating body and mind. LdM Tuscania offers a balanced combination of free activities throughout the week, such as hatha yoga and other holistic practices, nature-friendly activities, herb laboratories, an ayurvedic cuisine workshop, and sensory paths. 

For students who like more physical activities, there are plenty of opportunities to keep the heart rate up, such as swimming in an outdoor pool filled with natural hot spring water. Students who enjoy the outdoors can go jogging or hiking in the breathtaking woods of the Tuscania region, while searching for mysterious medieval hermitages and exploring the beauty of lost towns.

At orientation, students can receive information about the extracurricular activities scheduled during the week and on Fridays.

Free transfers are offered to LdM students on Thursdays and Fridays to reach the nearest train stations (Tarquinia or Viterbo), and on Sundays, free transfers are available from Tarquinia train station to Tuscania. During the week, there are buses that run from early morning to late afternoon, and licensed shuttle services are also available. Costs depend on the distance traveled, as well as the students’ itineraries.