Graphic Design and Visual Communication (One-Year Certificate)

The Graphic Design and Visual Communication Certificate offers students the opportunity to gain practical and conceptual skills, which enable them to integrate a command of visual language with imagination, theory, and technology. Through theoretical and hands-on methods, students achieve intellectual and professional skill sets necessary to contribute and compete in the graphic design field.

The Program enables students to foster dialogue as well as gain a deeper understanding of graphic design with a solid foundation in the execution of visual projects. They learn how to combine traditional and digital media, communicate with clients, and to analyze aesthetics and design within the larger socio-cultural and ethical contexts. This approach allows students to attain confidence in their creative and professional skills while working on projects in real-world situations as they build their professional portfolios.

Facilities provide students with multi-functional labs, a vast selection of literature available in the school’s libraries, and an in-house printing center that offers plotting, binding, and cloth printing.

The Graphic Design and Visual Communication Certificate prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities, which include graphic design, professional photography or retouching, illustration and professional animation, advertising, and website design.



•Digital Graphic Techniques Fundamentals – 3 credits/90 hours
•Digital Sketchbook – 3 credits/90 hours
•Foundations of Visual Communication – 3 credits/90 hours
•20th Century Graphics and Illustration – 3 credits/45 hours
•Fundamentals of Art and Design: Color Theory 3 credits/45 hours


•Rendering Essentials – 3 credits/90 hours
•Graphic Design – 3 credits/90 hours
•Workshop in Graphic Design – 3 credits/45 hours
•Web Design – 3 credits/45 hours
•Graphic Design Project Development – 3 credits/90 hours

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.


– Multi-functional labs
– Vast literature selection available in the school’s libraries
– In-house printing center