Applied Integrated Media (AIM) Certificate Program at LdM Florence

The Renaissance of Communication: Empowering Humanism in the Age of Technology

The Applied Integrated Media (AIM) Certificate Program gives students an innovative and unique view of all aspects of Media and Communications, as well as the larger cultural, political and financial world in which they exist.
This semester certificate program is designed for highly motivated students majoring in Communications or Media, and for those with a serious interest in how media affects every aspect of our modern life.

Humanism in the Age of Technology
The relentless advance of technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, too often overshadow human input and creativity, leading to a sense of powerlessness and isolation. In this confusing and rapidly evolving landscape, we empower students to form a personal sense of mission and ethics they can bring to whatever aspect of media or communications in which they choose to participate.
Timeless Ideas. Inspired by Florence

Florence, the heart of the Renaissance, that nurtured the concept of Humanism more than 600 years ago, is the perfect location for this program. We, too, believe that life should be inspired by art, informed by science, and motivated by compassion. These ideas are timeless, and even more relevant to modern media as it struggles to strike a balance between technology and the human values and needs of the audiences it is designed to serve.

The AIM program is directed by Jerry Calabrese

Gerard (Jerry) Calabrese has worked as a journalist, magazine publisher and corporate executive with companies like: GAMES Magazine, Playboy Enterprises, Marvel Comics, NASCAR and Lionel. In his long career, Calabrese has been involved in almost all aspects of global media and entertainment, including brand and intellectual property development and international sales. His experience spans both new and legacy media, especially the adaptation of traditional brands to the digital era. Former head of LdM’s Communications Department, he is now in charge of the Applied Integrated Media Certificate Program.

This semester program consists of four parts: three courses as well as required workshops with industry professionals.

Media’s Evolving Role in Modern Society

COM 249 F
Cr: 3; Contact hrs: 45

Media was born of the most basic human need, to communicate. No matter how much technology changes, or how it works and looks, the ability to connect people, information and ideas remains the only enduring reason for its existence. This course explains how New and Legacy Media’s many parts: Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, Sports, entertainment and informational content all interact with each other, and the culture and society in which they exist.  Students will also learn about the financial, political and economic realities to which all commercial media are subject, and how they influence and define the global society.

The World Changing Convergence of Media and Technology

COM 250 F
Cr: 3; Contact hrs: 45

The explosive evolution of technology has completely rearranged the Media and Communications landscape, destroying legendary media empires and giving rise to new ones. Students will learn how brands and technologies that didn’t exist when they were born, are disrupting and redefining global cultural, societal and financial structures, creating polarization and disturbing changes in societal norms. Most importantly, it will explore the critical role and ethical responsibilities of individuals in creating new guidelines for media and the ever evolving technologies that deliver its news, information and entertainment to the global community.

The Power of Interpersonal Communication

COM 265 F
Cr: 3; Contact hrs: 45

Interpersonal communication is the soul of any human interaction. How you represent yourself, and your message, is the single most important factor in whether you succeed or fail in just about every aspect of your personal, social or professional life. It’s so essential that it transcends the borders of language, politics and culture. This course deeply explores foundational concepts such as cultural bias, perception and norms, conflict resolution and power dynamics. Most of all, it will demonstrate how skills like: story telling, empathetic listening, recognizing non-verbal cues and constructively harnessing your emotions will make you a powerful and effective communicator in every aspect of your personal and professional life.

Workshops with Industry Professionals, up to 6 meetings per semester

There are no prerequisites to enroll and students should integrate the AIM program within their studies to maintain full-time student status at LdM.

Students must integrate the AIM Certificate with 1 or 2 courses of their choice to maintain full-time student status at LdM.

Study Abroad students can also apply to the AIM-program courses singularly, but will not be eligible to qualify for the certificate.

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.