Applied Integrated Media (AIM)

Offered at LdM Florence, the Applied Integrated Media (AIM) Certificate Program gives students a broad overview of all aspects of Media and Communications, as well as the larger cultural, political and financial world in which they exist. It is designed for highly motivated students, majoring in any aspect of Communications or Media, or those who have a serious interest in how media affects every aspect of our modern life. While there is no prerequisite, this semester program requires significant participation, including writing, research and presentations.


The AIM Program has three parts, all of which must be satisfactorily completed to qualify for the Certificate:

  • The Origins and Development of Media COM 290 – 3 credits/45 hours
  • The Convergence of Media and Technology COM 250 – 3 credits /45 hours
  • Mandatory attendance to a series of workshops

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.

Why Florence

The rapid advance and adoption of artificial intelligence technologies in new media often seem to overshadow the importance of human oversight and input, often creating in students a sense of isolation and powerlessness about their lives and careers. At LdM we believe that our most important mission is to help students understand how human input is even more required in this new media landscape. In this ever evolving context, it is vital to develop a personal sense of ethics and responsibility. Florence, the heart of the Renaissance, is the perfect location. Here, the concept of Humanism was born more than 600 years ago, and with it the idea that our life should be inspired by art, informed by science, and motivated by compassion. These values will permeate the program, while the city of Florence will inspire the participants with its art and cultural tradition.

Starting from Spring 2023, the AIM certificate program will be available during Fall and Spring semesters.
Students must integrate the AIM Certificate with 2 or 3 courses of their choice to maintain full-time student status at LdM. Study Abroad students can also apply to each of the two AIM-program courses singularly, but will not be eligible to qualify for the certificate.

To request more information about the AIM certificate program, tuition fees, admission and enrollment, please contact [email protected]