Interior Design (Professional Certificate)

The Interior Design Program Professional Certificate is tailored towards students who possess the basic concepts and foundations of design and wish to improve the manual and digital technical skills needed to complete challenging projects. As an integral part of the program, students develop their own stylistic voice while translating it into a coherent body of work to add to their professional portfolio in both traditional and digital versions. 

The Professional students extend their study of design as they investigate historical and cultural expressions within a global context, drawing inspiration from the work of great Italian and international designers and architects. Courses are carefully planned to illicit the development and communication of ideas through a variety of experiences and interdisciplinary projects, which allow advanced interior design students to work on joint projects in teams. While taking a collective approach, students apply critical and analytical skills and acquire multiple viewpoints, as required by today’s multidisciplinary work environment.  

The lessons perfect the students’ proficiency in the use of 3D modeling software and rendering and hone problem-solving skills by having them present new solutions to the needs of the sector while considering functional and aesthetic aspects. As the program builds, advanced students are given the opportunity to experience interior design from a professional standpoint with a focus on how to develop and design commercial interiors, with particular attention to specific topics such as lighting design, the design of spaces for trade fairs, and the organization and staging of temporary exhibitions within museums.

Interdisciplinary projects allow advanced interior design students to work on joint projects in teams composed of students from different disciplines taking a collective approach while applying critical and analytical skills. Students acquire multiple viewpoints within a global context, simulating the demands of today’s multidisciplinary work environment. 

Facilities provide students with a computer lab equipped with the latest industry software and technologies, classrooms outfitted with design instruments, and a continuously updated library of books and periodicals. 

The completion of the Professional/Advanced Certificate prepares students for a broad range of career opportunities with design firms, government, and non-profit organizations that include assistant to an interior designer or decorator, project manager, and self-employment.



•Product Design II
3 credits/90 hours
•Retail Design
3 credits/ 90 hours
•Lighting Design
3 credits/90 hours
•Computer Rendering for Interior Design
3 credits/90 hours
•Sustainable Design
3 credits/60 hours


•Web Portfolio Presentation
3 credits/90 hours
•Furniture Design
3 credits/90 hours
•Concepts and Strategies in Retail Design
3 credits/90 hours
•Exhibit Design
3 credits/90 hours
•Interdisciplinary Design
3 credits/60 hours

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.


– Dedicated computer lab to design prototypes—anything from shopping carts to chandeliers— in class
– Modeling lab for the construction of designs and objects
– Updated library of books and magazines
– Opportunities to participate in a variety of competitions and to take on real work projects in a team