Academic Semester and Academic Year

The Academic Semester and Academic Year Programs at LdM give students the flexibility to choose from over 600 courses from seven academic areas:

School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
School of Creative Arts
School of Design
School of Nutrition, Italian Gastronomy and Culture
School of Sciences
School of Agriculture
School of Italian Language and Culture

Academic Semester and Academic Year Programs allow undergraduate and independent students to gain a deeper understanding in their fields of study within a global context. The Program is open to qualified US and international students.

Students can customize their courses according to their academic needs and personal interests, for example, they can combine more than one city in their Academic Year abroad by studying in the fall at one LdM campus and in another for the spring semester. Many courses and extracurricular activities are seasonal and selecting this option allows students to get the most from their educational experience abroad.

Internships are also available to all those students who want to earn academic credits, while gaining a valuable professional experience in an Italian business environment.

All courses are taught in English except a required Italian Language component. Attendance is mandatory.

For information about course schedules, visit our interactive page.

Please note that in Fall 2020 the Academic Semester Program will be only available in Florence. To learn more about the Fall 2020 programs, click here.

Special semester-long programs