Giovanni Longo – Romance

October 19th, from 5 to 8PM
LdM Gallery,Via de’ Pucci 4

About ROMANCE:Giovanni Longo’s artistic narration consists in carefully choosing the expressive language that will then be used in the creation and condition of the message conveyed by the work. His work begins with the recovery of the wooden materials found in the riverbeds or on the beach and prefers his native Calabria region as a collection place.
By thus accumulating and archiving forms, data, and information, the artist creates skeletal structures or anatomical reminiscences with which he narrates topics related to memory, history, and identity.
For the artist, this narration is not the chronological description of the events that follow one another, but a meticulous and patient organization of the pieces that compose them. It is the selection and layering of these elements that writes a new story every time, and it is the relationship between them that makes the story realistic.
It is precisely the relationship that is the protagonist of Romance, an exhibition project proposed for LdM Gallery, which represents Giovanni Longo’s recent research.
The word Romance is described as the feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness. It presumes a relationship, or rather, a very personal expectation of a relationship.
Starting from the assumptions of Gestalt psychology, the artist recounts different conditions of proximity between forms which also become a pretext to address the dynamics of connections between living beings.

Giovanni Longo (born in Locri, 1985) is a sculptor and visual artist based in Italy. His work has exhibited in several national and international exhibitions, amongst which: 54th The Venice Biennale (Italian Pavilion / Academies); Kunstenfestival Watou in Belgium; Wood Mood Valcucine in London, New York and Milan; art residency in Grasse curated by PHOS; Jeune Création Européenne Biennale in France, Poland, Spain and Denmark.
In 2016 the MARCA Museum of Art’s Catanzaro hosted his first institutional solo exhibition curated by Marco Meneguzzo, and in 2022 wins the International Art Prize YICCA at Matalon Foundation in Milan.

After three months of art residency in Paris, at the ateliers of the Montrouge cultural department, he currently works in Rome and collaborates with several digital tech companies.

Curated by: Spela Zidar
Gallery interns: Girija Jhalani, Kayla Parsons 

After the opening, the exhibition will stay open until Friday, November 10th,
Mon 10 AM – 2 PM, Tue – Fri 4 – 7 PM


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