Balance in Nutrition

The Balance in Nutrition Certificate Program focuses on subjects related to Nutrition and Health Sciences. It provides the basics in the chemistry and biology of nutrition and the physiological principles that underlie a balanced diet.

The Program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum addressing the socio-cultural, historical and anthropological characteristics of the different regions of Italy. Taken into consideration, are courses that touch upon and connect different themes such as: the origins and development of food cultures; climate and environmental conditions; social issues, and agricultural production. Through this didactic approach, students will better understand the intricate nuances that characterize the rich Italian culture and its close relationship between the culinary tradition, the territory and the Mediterranean diet.

Depending on the chosen track, the certificate can be tailored towards the analysis of a more sustainable approach or scientific study. Facilities provide students with a state-of-the-art kitchen equipped with innovative appliances (magnetic induction cooktops, utensils, and appliances, tablets to follow the chef’s instructions on direct video), a computer lab, and a continuously updated library of books and periodicals.


• The Journey of Well-Being – 3 credits/45 hours
Where Food Meets Health: The Mediterranean Diet 3 credits/45 hours
• A Balanced Nutritional Experience: Italian-Style Cooking – 3 credits/45 hours


Students are required to choose two courses from the following:

• Vegetarianism Between Culture and Lifestyle – 3 credits/45 hours
• The Science of Food, Health and Well-being3 credits/45 hours
Sustainable Food and the New Global Challenge  – 3 credits/45 hours
Italian Language – 3 credits/45 hours

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.


– State-of-the-Art kitchen equipped with innovative appliances
(magnetic induction cooktops, utensils and appliances, tablets to follow the chef’s instructions on direct video)
– Computer lab
– Updated library of books and magazines