Welcome to all students

Welcome to Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM)! The information and links on this page will help students efficiently navigate their way through the LdM experience, from locating the closest market or pharmacy to finding meaningful ways to engage with the local community.

We invite all new undergraduates and postgraduates to follow us on our social channels to stay updated on news and events in and around the LdM sites.

Find detailed information about the offerings and student life, please check the LdM site of your choice.



Student Advisors

LdM provides all students an experienced individual advisor to give guidance and support to ensure their adventure to study abroad is a success. Regular contact and support of our energetic and dedicated advisors are beneficial as they are skilled in helping students with adjusting to the LdM campus and their new Italian culture. 

LdM Advisors can assist students in navigating administrative processes while supporting their academic development. They offer a wide range of advice and services and organize social and cultural events which enable participants to get the most out of their stay in Italy. 

Advisors can also refer students to doctors and counselors equipped to handle a wide range of issues.

Student Facilities and Services

Each LdM site provides students with a wide range of amenities tuned to their needs and comfort. Qualified and dedicated staff are ready to assist in every aspect of academic programs and inform students about events and news in the host city of their choice.

To create a thriving social atmosphere among its international student body, LdM offers specially designed extracurricular activities and day trips to help promote relationships and meaningful connections with both the LdM and local Italian communities. We also offer internships and volunteer opportunities for community-minded participants who want to broaden their educational experience.

LdM has a range of linguistic services in both English and Italian to help students develop their communication skills. Workshops can be attended twice a week for writing and counselors are available to assist in composition and expression in English. The Italian Language Department offers weekly tutoring sessions to those who require extra help in Italian language learning. Each LdM site also provides conversation exchange opportunities with mother-tongue Italian speakers so students can practice their newly acquired language in a friendly, social setting.

LdM Housing Service

Residential comfort and safety are a critical part of your study abroad experience. The following information is for the reference of students living in LdM student apartments. Students who have chosen the home stay option, should consult their host family or LdM Housing Services for tips on housing safety and individual housing necessities and/or issues. Learn more on LdM Housing Services

Rules of Conduct

LdM takes seriously its academic mission of fostering the creative and intellectual potential of each of its students in an international environment that values tolerance and respect. LdM believes in informed decision-making and wishes to promote healthy behavior. In order to maintain an atmosphere that nurtures this potential, LdM has established Rules of Conduct consistent with this goal. Check the Rules of Conduct

Academic Policies and Regulations

LdM has established academic policies and procedures for its students to follow so as to maintain the highest academic and professional standards. It is expected of all students to familiarize themselves with these policies and regulations before their study begins. Read the full text on the Academic Policies page. Those who would like to receive more detailed information should consult their LdM Student Advisor.

Cucina LdM

The first Lorenzo de’ Medici Cooking School opened in 2014 within Florence’s Mercato Centrale. The passion for rich Italian cultural heritage and interest in the culinary traditions of this country and its generous flavors are the reasons why the Institute has expanded in the north-west of Italy with a new Cooking School in Turin.

More information on Cucina LdM

LdM Gallery

The LdM Gallery is a project by Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici, a space where academic research and artistic experimentation meet within a professional setting.

More information on the LdM Gallery

LdM Store

Signature merchandise and products are available for purchase at all LdM sites. Allowing everyone from current students, their families, to alumni to bring home a reminder of their time abroad. All proceeds are reinvested in products and services for LdM campus facilities and funding for student activities. Inquire at the Front Desk at any LdM site for details on purchasing merchandise or write to [email protected]