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Studying abroad is an adventure that helps build self-confidence, valuable skills, and a global perspective that is a life-changing experience.

LdM provides students the opportunity to live and learn within a dynamic, international environment in the culturally and historically rich country of Italy at any one of LdM’s two locations: Florence, or Tuscania.

Why Choose LdM?

  1. Learning at LdM is an enriching educational experience that introduces students to a global community through the lens of Italian culture.
  2. Each individual site is used as an extension of the classroom, with its monuments, artwork, industry, and communities which serve as invaluable resources.
  3. Academics are enhanced by the opportunity for personal expression and practical application, through interdisciplinary projects and engagement with the professional sector.
  4. Students gain practical skills by participating in conferences, festivals, film productions, archaeological digs, restoration projects, fashion shows, and other events, complementing their educational experience.
  5. LdM empowers students to become active participants in the learning process.

Please read LdM Student’s Testimonials for more information. 

LdM Programs

Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) is one of the most comprehensive international higher education institutions in Italy. We offer students a broad spectrum of programs and degrees to fulfill their academic and professional aspirations.

  • Those who attend the LdM Study Abroad Programs can choose from short-term winter sessions, summer sessions, and workshops to academic semester and year programs.
  • LdM also offers undergraduates and graduates the opportunity to earn either a BA or MA in partnership with Marist College.
  • Local and international students can also join the LdM Certificate Programs, which are professionally geared and range from semester-long up to two-year programs in various areas of study.
  • Semester-long Italian Language and Italian Culture courses are available at each LdM site.  
  • Students who are eager to exploring different aspects of Italian Culture and lifestyle, can choose the Two Italies Semester Program. This starts in cosmopolitan Florence and continues in Tuscania (Lazio region), a picturesque hill-top town rich in history and tradition!

With such a vast selection to choose from, all those who are interested are sure to find a program that suits their specific needs and interests.

Learn more about the programs offered at LdM.

LdM Departments & Courses

Building on the intellectually rich core of our curriculum, LdM’s internationally recognized centers and programs cover over 500 courses in 36 departments that fall under 7 schools. Our broad offering creates valuable opportunities for students to enhance their education and empower themselves to impact the world around them. Click on the links below to learn more about LdM Departments:

Browse the LdM Catalog to find out which courses are offered at each LdM campus.

How to Apply

US TRANSFERABLE CREDIT: Check the page for students interested in earning US Transferable Credit.

ALL OTHER APPLICANTS: Check the page for All Other Applicants (students who are NOT interested in earning US Transferable Credit).

Student Visa, Permit of Stay & Declaration of Presence

The documentation required to study in Italy depends on each students’ country of residence and duration of the stay.

Some may need a Study Visa, which they must apply for and obtain in their home countries at least three months in advance of their arrival in Italy. It is recommended that each applicant contact the Italian Consulate or Embassy in their jurisdiction for the latest rules and regulations. It is important for students to make sure their passports are valid for at least three months after the end of their stay in Europe. 

Most people who chose to study in Italy need either a Permit of Stay or a Declaration of Presence, which they must obtain after their arrival in Italy. All incoming students receive detailed information about this immigration documentation in their Pre-Departure materials as well as upon arrival at orientation.

Student Life at LdM

LdM embraces diversity and welcomes students from over 100 countries worldwide, including Mexico, South Korea, France, Brazil, Sweden, Chile, Russia, the US and Canada. We encourage intercultural communication among our students from diverse backgrounds -whether geographic, social, or academic- fostering a community of mutual understanding and respect.

Students at LdM gain a deeper level of understanding of the Italian lifestyle, language, culture, and traditions through many extracurricular, volunteer and recreational activities.

There are so many ways to experience Italy’s rich culture in and around Florence and Tuscania. Students immerse themselves in contemporary Italian life, by watching Italian movies and theatrical performances, visiting exhibitions, taking lectures on Italian culture, and going to soccer games.

Student Services

LdM offers its students a wide variety of services and facilities. These include the following:

LdM facilities and buildings are fully insured and maintained in accordance with Italian and European Community health and safety regulations, fire equipment maintenance rules, and emergency procedures.
Health and safety information are provided to the LdM students population during orientation meetings upon arrival. The Institute works closely with local police authorities concerning issues of mutual concern.
LdM students are instructed how to register with the local police, and are issued with an emergency telephone number which connects them with an LdM advisor twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
In case of health issues, students are referred to English speaking physicians on site.

Students at LdM benefit from extensive orientation sessions aimed at helping them adapt to the new environment of the institute and of Italy on a range of
different levels. LdM representatives explain essential information about academic needs and expectations, safety and health, housing and Italian law.

LdM students benefit from the regular contact and support of an energetic and dedicated team of Student Advisors, who are accustomed to helping students adjust to the Italian environment.
Every student at LdM is assigned a Student Advisor. Advisors help students with academic decisions (e.g. adding and dropping courses) and support their academic progress throughout their stay at LdM. They also offer a wide range of advice and services, and they organize social and cultural events which enable students to get the very best out of their stay in Italy.
For medical and mental health concerns, Advisors are able to refer students to counselors and physicians equipped to handle a wide range of situational, psychological and/or medical issues.

The cafeteria at LdM Florence offers light lunches, sandwiches, rolls, pizza, sweets, cakes and hot and cold drinks. It is also a natural meeting place where students can sit and relax. LdM Tuscania offers students a student card which provides discounts at some local cafes and restaurants.

All LdM sites offer students free access to computing and internet facilities as well as wireless internet connectivity.

LdM’s libraries enable students to complete their coursework successfully. The ever-growing collections have been built to cater directly to the needs of students and the subjects they study at LdM’s different campuses.
Students can consult books in the reading rooms and a limited number of books may be checked out.

LdM is committed to helping its students access and enjoy the world of Italian culture. Besides formal, creditbearing Italian language classes, the Institute offers students free one-to-one Italian tutoring, the screening of Italian movies, and a conversation exchange project which matches LdM students with Italian university students wishing to improve their English.

LdM offers its students weekend excursions around Italy every semester. Led by qualified LdM staff, these trips enable students to visit some of the most famous Italian cities and sites, including Venice, Rome, Alps and the Garda Lake, the Cinque Terre, Capri, Sorrento and Pompeii as well as others outside of Italy, such as the Principality of Monaco, and Switzerland. All LdM sites offer many day trips to local natural and historical sites, as well as nearby cities in their respective regions.