Student Life at LdM Tuscania

The LdM program in Tuscania is based on a full-immersion philosophy and natural lifestyle of rural Italian living that differs from the experience in a larger city such as Florence. Integration into the community is fundamental to the program and, in particular, to the Italian language courses. Through Italian language learning, students engage with the local community and understand how to create real relationships in a cultural context that is different from their own.

After class and on weekends, students have the chance to rest and renew while exploring and experiencing their new environment. Tuscania is the perfect site to enjoy nature in a beautiful setting by going on horse riding and walking tours in the surrounding countryside. There are many free activities throughout the week such as yoga, ayurvedic cuisine workshops, swimming in an outdoor pool filled with natural hot spring water, jogging, and hiking in the gorgeous woods of Tuscania, where mysterious medieval hermitages and lost towns can be discovered.

Volunteering helps students get involved in the local community and live an authentic cultural exchange experience. Through these activities, students experience personal growth while becoming more self-aware and confident. Activities may vary according to the location and the time of the year.

LdM provides all students guidance and support by experienced Student Advisors to ensure the success of their study abroad adventure.

Student Advisor Office

LdM Tuscania
Largo della Rocca 7
01017 Tuscania (VT)