School of Creative Arts

The LdM School of Creative Arts encompasses practice and theory through historical and modern approaches, giving students a base to build on in pursuit of more advanced studies. We foster the development of professional skills and intellectual growth necessary for undertaking creative and intellectual inquiries. This evolution is achieved through the study of the artistic traditions of the masters while embracing a culture of innovation and change. By building an expressive language, students acquire a refined set of tools for personal awareness, expression, and creativity.

The curriculum relies on a flexible structure aiming to elicit students’ drive to create while promoting natural expression and developing a critical self-awareness about their work. Students learn to better understand the aesthetic, social and intellectual contexts integral to the field of art in today’s globalized world.

LdM encourages internships and involvement in community art projects and festivals as a part of the learning experience. These hands-on educational opportunities provide students with practical experience and allow them to work alongside prominent professionals in the arts and other cultural fields.