Summer Certificate Programs 2024

Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici is now offering a Summer Certificate Program carefully designed to meet increasing demand for on-site educational opportunities that emphasize career readiness within structured yet flexible plans of short-term study. Students can choose from four options that address specific and relevant themes, delivering a powerful advantage for those who are eager to progress along their projected career path.

By enrolling in two purposefully paired LdM summer courses, study abroad students can feel confident knowing their Italian summer is well spent, coupling pre-professional development with specialized enrichment. A Summer Certificate from LdM signifies both intention and curiosity, preparing tomorrow’s leaders to tackle the global challenges of today.

Wine Business and Culture

At one time or another, almost every wine lover has fantasized about buying a small vineyard and making their own wine. LdM welcomes the aspiring sommelier, the future wine buyer, the vintner-to-be, and anyone...

Human Creativity

Italians know art. Art helps us heal, circumvent the limitations of language, and exercise creative wellness in our personal and professional lives. In this last year, have you turned to the arts – fine,...


Design is one way to communicate; to stimulate the construction of a message in the mind of the viewer, which is far more powerful than transmitting a readymade message. But after a brand is conceived, then...

Each summer certificate consists of two core courses. Although each course listed for the 2023 Summer Certificates may be taken as a single study abroad course, the Certificate is only awarded to those students co-enrolled in both Summer Certificate courses.

The Summer Certificate Programs are offered in June and July.


The Summer Certificate Programs are offered in June and July.

  • Summer Session I – June:
    May 30th – June 27th
  • Summer Session II – July:
    July 4th – Aug 1st

Application Deadlines

  • Summer Session I – June:
    April 10th
  • Summer Session II – July:
    May 15th