Global Sustainability

LdM introduces environmentally mindful students to the natural and agricultural realities of farming in Italy and around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a spotlight on global food insecurity – an issue that requires collective problem solving and interdisciplinary solutions. With a new perspective of the international slow food movement, which began in Italy in 1986, and a greater awareness of food availability and accessibility, future professionals in the sectors of agriculture, nutrition, policy, and public health can learn to integrate Italian farming and conservation techniques that prioritize organic production and sustainable food systems.


  • Agriculture majors seeking applied experience and on an organic Italian farm.
  • Students majoring in environmental studies/science, food studies/nutrition, political science and international affairs, public policy, and/or public health.
  • Anyone who is interested in public health topics, international development, the United Nations, and/or future volunteer service with the U.S. Peace Corps.


  • AGR 220 Sustainable Food and the New Global Challenge
  • ENV/IGC 280 Organic Agriculture

This certificate is offered in Tuscania during the June 2023 Summer Session.
Application Deadline: April 10th

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