Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts: Art History

The Marist-LdM Bachelor in Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Art History program offers students unique access to one of the most vibrant art history environments in Europe. Florence’s rich history and extensive tradition of avant-garde intellectuals and artists spans classical antiquity through the modern age. Consequently, this city is the ideal destination for students interested in studying art and art history.  

The B.A. in Art History is a four-year degree program designed to provide both a survey of western art and an in-depth study of selected periods. The exciting course offerings utilize Florence’s rich history in the arts to teach students how to apply historical context to understand a work of art better. In addition to the required art history coursework, students must take three courses in an alternative discipline such as Italian language or studio art. 

LdM faculty are well versed in the international art business and help students gain the expertise they need to pursue an advanced degree or professional careers in art history. With the interdisciplinary curriculum provided by Marist-LdM, students have a range of concentrations they can focus on from the study of fine arts to museology.

Art history majors gain not only the technical skills but also the conceptual insights necessary for the development of artistic talent or a career as a curator or museum manager. There is also a chance for the major to explore conservation theory by taking advantage of the ties to the Conservation Studies and Restoration program to enhance their overall educational experience. 


Note: A minimum of 90 credits in Liberal Arts is required.


(18 Credits)

Fundamentals of Art & Design: Color Theory

Basic Drawing / Principles of Drawing and Composition

History of Western Art I: Antiquity to Early Renaissance

History of Western Art II: High Renaissance to Present

Information & Computer Literacy

Capping Courses/ Images and Word


(15 Credits)

Selection of five additional courses in Art History


Alternate Discipline Courses (9 Credits)


Each Art History student must take three (3) courses in one of the following alternate disciplines: Italian Language, History, Literature, or Studio Art.


Core / Liberal Studies & Foundation Requirements (42-45 Credits)

Elective Course Requirements (33 – 36 Credits)

Total Requirement for Graduation (120 Credits)

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