Interior Design (One-Year Certificate)

The Interior Design Program offers a comprehensive education that combines the fundamental concepts of design with the study of design theory and history. Under the guidance of expert faculty, students learn how to create exciting, functional, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable spaces while engaging in hands-on projects that simulate real-life scenarios.

The Program is set up in a structured sequence of courses that take an interdisciplinary approach to the various fields of study encompassing interior design. As they build their foundations in areas such as drafting and building codes, students also acquire the skills necessary to execute methods of representation including sketching, and technical 2D and 3D drawing for interior design using programs employed by professionals in the field.  To stimulate creativity and curiosity in the design process, each phase of a project is explored in depth, from the initial concept to choices of technology, to the use of materials and the study of colors, up to the final presentation to the client. 

Field trips to furniture factories, designer offices, and artist studios offer students insight into all aspects of Interior Design.   

Facilities provide students with a computer lab equipped with the latest industry software and technologies, classrooms equipped with design instruments, and a continuously updated library of books and periodicals. 

The completion of the Program prepares students for a broad range of career opportunities with design firms, government, and non-profit organizations that include assistant to an interior designer or decorator, project manager, and self-employment. Students who have successfully completed the One-Year Certificate in Interior Design, may move onto the Professional Year, thereby completing a two-year program in Interior Design.



•Interior Design I3 credits/90 hours
•Product Design I3 credits/45 hours
•Perspective Drawing and Rendering3 credits/90 hours
•Digital Graphic Techniques Fundamentals3 credits/90 hours
•CAD for Interior Design I3 credits/90 hours


•Design Materials3 credits/90 hours
•Interior Design II3 credits/ 90 hours
•CAD for Interior Design II3 credits/ 90 hours
•20th Century Design and Architecture3 credits/45 hours
•Technical Drawing 3 credits/45 hours

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.


– Dedicated computer lab to design prototypes—anything from shopping carts to chandeliers— in class
– Modeling lab for the construction of designs and objects
– Updated library of books and magazines
– Opportunities to participate in a variety of competitions and to take on real work projects in a team