January Intersession – Florence

The January Intersession Program offers a variety of opportunities for students to earn academic credit, as well as a chance for independent participants to study in a new and exciting setting. The Program, only offered at the LdM Florence site, gives students the opportunity to expand their academic and personal experience in a short-term session capitalizing on the winter break. They can choose from a variety of courses taught in English except for Italian language courses.

LdM courses usually involve 45 to 60 contact hours per term. The standard course load is 3-7 credits per session. Attendance is mandatory. Italian language study is encouraged but not required. Upon completion, students receive an academic record statement.

Course Selection:

In January 2022, students can choose from a variety of courses in Ancient Studies, Art History, Communications, Fashion Design, Marketing, and Merchandising, Gender Studies, Graphic Design, History, International Business, Italian Gastronomy and Culture, Italian Language, Literature, Nutrition, Painting, Drawing, and Mixed Media, Poliical Science, and Psychology.

See course schedules for details.

Tuition Fees and Cancellation Policies

Application Deadline: November 15th

For students seeking US Transferable Credits:
Contact [email protected]  for the application form and further details. Students interested in applying for accommodation through LdM Housing should specify it in their request.

For all other applicants:
Application Form