Summer 2023 – Housing Summer

The following description pertains to the LdM student apartment option, which is the typical LdM housing arrangement. However, given the continued surge in demand for accommodations in Florence, including student housing, LdM expects it will likely be necessary to place some students in an alternative to the
student apartment, particularly for the Summer I/June session in Florence.

Alternate housing may include LdM-designated rooms (single or double only) in a student hotel or hostel.
While such facilities do not include kitchen/kitchen use or washer, breakfast is included, and meal (20) and laundry (5) vouchers will be provided by LdM. Additionally, LdM may place some students in apartments just outside the historical city center, but still within walking distance of LdM and/or near a mass transit route. (Tram passes provided by LdM depending on location.)

Upon receipt of housing applications, LdM will assess the demand and will place students according to a variety of factors, including those expressed within the student’s housing application. As applicable, LdM will provide further detail regarding the alternate housing arrangements (including services and location), while maintaining the same cost for the accommodation.

Apartments in Italy, especially in the historic centers, are situated in antique buildings and will surely differ from those in the student’s home country. They are most often on the second floor (or higher) within buildings that likely do not have an elevator/elevator access. Although LdM maintains a standard for all apartments, no two apartments are alike. LdM apartments vary in appearance, style, configuration, lighting, size/number of bedrooms, size/features of common space or living areas, and/or size/features of the kitchen.

The apartments used by LdM are located in different buildings across various parts of the city center of Florence and of the town of Tuscania. All are within walking distance of the school. All apartments are NON-SMOKING, fully furnished and equipped with bed linens, towels, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, basic appliances, washing machine, TV and Wi-Fi. Apartments are NOT equipped with a phone and air conditioning is only included during the summer terms. Please note that air conditioning is not standard in or part of the existing structure of most historic Italian buildings. Therefore, the number and the distribution of AC apparatus (either fixed unit or portable air conditioning unit) within LdM apartments will vary from one apartment to another.

The standard apartment bedrooms are shared (mostly double occupancy with two single beds in the same room, and occasionally triple occupancy with three single beds, according to apartment configuration), each within a shared apartment. Although students may request a single room (consisting of a single bed in one room within a shared apartment), it is really important that they remain open to placement in a shared room, as single rooms are only available in limited numbers. Please be advised that the shared apartments are not mixed gender.

The rental period begins on the Housing Check-In Day and ends on the Housing Check-Out Day.

Students who stay for BOTH summer sessions will receive housing at no extra cost during the break between the two summer sessions. If the students are attending the LdM program in two different cities, they will spend the break always in Florence. Please be aware that two session students will be assigned in the same apartment. Therefore, two sessions students requesting roommates/apartment mates who are attending only one session, won’t be assigned together. LdM will try to assign them as close as possible.

Housing Dates


May 31
June 29
Jul 6
Aug 3

Housing Application Deadlines

Summer session 1:
April 10th*

Summer session 2:
May 15th*

*Students should submit their Housing Request Form online prior to the deadline. LdM Housing will accept and review requests after the application deadline, although placement is subject to availability.
For a full list of academic dates, please consult the LdM Academic Calendar.

For costs further information, please contact the LdM Housing Office at [email protected]