Bachelor of Science in Conservation Studies

The Marist-LdM four-year Bachelor of Science in Conservation Studies helps prepare students in the field of art conservation through in-depth investigations into materials and disciplines such as chemistry, studio arts, and art history, which are necessary for the success of future conservators. This major is held mainly at the Florence site, where masters took inspiration creating the most unforgettable works of art in the world and where many pieces remain. 

The Marist-LdM BS in Conservation Studies engages students through a four-year theoretical and hands-on approach under the guidance of expert faculty. Students can choose from either mural restoration (frescos) or painting conservation, where they have the privilege of working on objects that date from the medieval period through to the 19th century in LdM’s professionally equipped laboratory, or on-site on varying projects in and around Florence. The curriculum addresses the artistic, ethical, and technical questions pertaining to the field of art conservation and combines the liberal arts and sciences to solve problems of preservation.

The Marist-LdM BS degree in Conservation gives graduating students the opportunity to travel and work internationally in a wide variety of cultures, languages, and religions. Many alumni have had the chance to collaborate with local and national institutions in countries which include Nepal, India, and Chile.


Note: A minimum of 60 credits in Liberal Arts is required.


(33 Credits)

Basic Drawing/Principles of Drawing

History of Western Art I/Art History I: Antiquity to Renaissance

Science for Conservators I

Science for Conservators II

Drawing for Conservators

Furniture, Wood Objects and Gilding Conservation

Theory of Conservation

Historical Painting Lab

Historical Painting Techniques Lab

Working Group Project in Track

Information Literacy


(52 Credits)

Pick three (3) courses in one of the following:

Fresco Technique and Mural Painting or Painting:

Fresco Painting and Restoration I

Fresco Painting and Restoration II

Advanced Fresco Painting and Restoration

Polychrome Wooden Sculpture:

Painting and Polychrome Wooden Sculpture Cons. I

Painting and Polychrome Wooden Sculpture Cons. II

Adv. Painting and Polychrome Wooden Sculpture Cons

Three (3) courses in an advisor-approved studio art media such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, lithography, etc.


Pick two (2) of the following:

World of Museums / World of Museums: Museology

Exhibition Managements/ Exhibition Management

International Art Business/ International Art Business

Art Expertise

Any upper level advisor-approved Art History course


Core / Liberal Studies & Foundation Requirements (36-39 Credits)

Elective Course Requirements (24-27 Credits)

Total Requirement for Graduation (120 Credits)

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