LdM Sites

Students from around the globe can enjoy the learning opportunities offered by LdM on its two main sites.

The Florence campus, located in the historic city center, stands as the heart of the institution with its roots steeped in tradition and innovation. Tuscania offers its lush landscapes and archaeological sites. Each location provides valuable historical heritage and lends its own flavor to the students’ educational experience.


The LdM Florence site, situated in the historic San Lorenzo district, encompasses 14 campus buildings throughout the city center. Buildings are equipped with Wi-Fi and contain a full range of facilities and amenities that include specialized art studios, cafeterias, courtyard gardens, an extensive library, and a student computer center. The vivacious cultural life offered by Florence’s many art galleries, charming boutiques, cafés, and restaurants are available to all students. Additionally, students can get involved in the local community through volunteering at local organizations, participating in student clubs, joining a sports team, attending cultural activities, or going on weekend excursions.


LdM Tuscania promotes academic and cultural programs in the pastoral setting of Tuscania, a historic hilltop town located in the breathtaking countryside of the Lazio region. Situated in the historical town center surrounded by medieval stone walls, LdM Tuscania boasts facilities and amenities that include: reading rooms, an art lab, exhibition space, a library, and a computer lab. Tuscania is the perfect setting for students who want a full cultural immersion and community interaction while studying Mediterranean culinary arts, archaeology, and sustainable, environmentally responsible agriculture.