Student Life at LdM Florence

LdM Florence students have the chance to explore the many Renaissance landmarks of Florence, which capture the imagination like nowhere else in the world. All students are invited to attend art and cultural events, visit local markets and experience a life rich in tradition, art, and history. Besides the many cultural activities offered, students have the possibility to join clubs and volunteer for community art projects to enrich their academic experience. 

LdM also offers the opportunity to explore by organizing tours to historical towns and many seasonal activities, which help to develop new perspectives on the history and diversity of modern Italian life. Students discover the hidden intricacies of Italian culture through hands-on learning experiences that provide an academic perspective of Florence’s centuries-old traditions. 

LdM has also cultivated relationships with various charities and organizations around Florence for those who are interested in volunteer work, such as working for food banks, distributing clothing to the needy, collaborating with community clean-ups or teaching English at local schools.

LdM Florence offers students the option to live in the city center of Florence, within walking distance of all LdM Florence facilities. The LdM Housing Office coordinates placements in both shared apartments and homestay accommodation. Additionally, students are permitted to secure housing independently, if they prefer to do so, and if their home institution allows.

Florence is also known for its exceptional cuisine, characteristic restaurants, elegant shops, artistic workshops and traditional markets. As a thriving economic center with particular strengths in the fashion, luxury goods and economic sectors, the city of Florence also offers its inhabitants the chance to investigate myriad aspects of the contemporary Italian world. In addition, the city is an excellent location for access to other places in Italy, such as the Tuscany region, and Europe.

LdM provides all students guidance and support by experienced Student Advisors to make sure their study abroad adventure is a success.

Student Advisor Office

LdM Florence
via Faenza, 71/R
(two doors to the right from Via Faenza 43)
50123 Firenze