Programs and Degrees

Among the most comprehensive international institutes for higher education in Italy, Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici offers a broad spectrum of different programs.

Students may attend the LdM Study Abroad Programs, ranging from short-term winter and summer programs and workshops to academic semester and year programs; Marist-LdM Degree Programs, both undergraduate and graduate; LdM Certificate Programs, professionally geared semester-long, one to two-year programs, and even weekly to monthly Italian Language courses.

On-site Programs

  • Fall Semester: July 20th
  • Spring Semester: November 20th
  • January Intersession: December 1st
  • Summer Session I (June): April 15th
  • Summer Session II (July): May 15th
  • Academic Year / One-year Certificates /
  • One-year Professional / Advanced Certificates: July 20th

Distance Learning Programs

  • LdM Online – January term 2021: December 7th
  • A Glimpse of Italy, Spring 2021: January 29th
  • Flavors of Italy, August & Fall 2020:
    – Sequence 1 (7th August – 29th August, 2020) : July 30th
    – Sequence 2 (18th September – 10th October, 2020): August 30th
    – Sequence 3 (16th October – 14th November, 2020): September 30th
    – Sequence 4 (20th November – 12th December, 2020): October 30th

To find out more about LdM Programs at the campus of your choice, click the links below.


Two Italies Program


Distance Learning Programs

LdM is now offering programs online, featuring a diverse selection of topics for which Italy is world-famous, from art history to fashion marketing, wine business and food culture. Whether attending as a credit-seeking student eager to delve into Italian culture, or taking a class simply for personal enjoyment and professional growth, participants can choose which program fits their needs best.

Study Abroad Programs

LdM offers a variety of study abroad programs and curricular options to fulfill different academic, personal and professional aspirations. The study abroad experience is an opportunity to gain international knowledge, grow as a person, and engage with others from across the globe.
LdM also offers a distinguished Italian language learning curriculum and believes learning the language of the host country is essential to the study abroad experience.

LdM Certificate Programs

The LdM Certificates are designed to develop student creativity, artistic talent, and technical skills. They offer a comprehensive curricular structure addressing students’ own professional goals. The course selection has been pre-determined in order to allow students to follow the most appropriate sequence in their area of study. The programs are offered in Florence, on a semester, one or two-year basis

Marist – LdM US Bachelors

In partnership with Marist College in New York, Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici offers undergraduate degrees that are approved and accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in the US. Upon completion of the course of study, students receive a US Bachelor’s Degree from Marist College.

Marist – LdM US Master of Arts

The M.A. in Museum Studies is a post-graduate degree program that offers students an advanced, in-depth exploration of the dynamic role museums play in society from an international, comparative perspective. Special emphasis is placed on examining the ways in which these institutions engage with the public.