Information for Parents

Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici offers a range of services and extracurricular activities that aim to enhance students’ overall study abroad experience, by promoting close friendships and encouraging involvement in academic life and Italian culture. LdM is dedicated to helping all incoming undergraduates and postgraduates adjust to their host city and new environment, but the ongoing support of familiar people is essential to making the time in Italy successful.

We invite family and friends to follow LdM on FacebookInstagram, TikTok and Linkedin for campus news and events. For further insight into student life in Italy the Student Life page for Florence and Tuscania.

For any questions, please email [email protected].

Student Life at LdM 

A study abroad experience goes far beyond the classroom and Italy is the perfect extension to any learning experience. The LdM community is multicultural and dynamic with faculty, staff, and students from across the globe who want to create connections in their new home. From getting involved in local activities to developing new friendships and experiencing new cultures, students at LdM explore many aspects of their campus and host city. We actively sponsor student clubs, organizations, sports activities, and volunteer opportunities, while building students’ self-confidence as they gain new perspectives on their major or course of study.

Each LdM site has something special to offer students depending on their academic and life aspirations. Learn more on the Sites page.

Visiting LdM 

Prospective students and parents, as well as family and friends of current LdM students, are welcome to visit any one of the two campus locations in Florence and Tuscania. LdM has a list of hotel possibilities for hosting friends and family, ranging from the elegant hotel to a Bed and Breakfast, and recommendations for restaurants, tours, and other activities upon request. For more information, please email [email protected].

Academic Regulations and Attendance Policy

Academic policies and procedures allow students to understand their rights and responsibilities clearly. They protect the integrity of LdM while providing fair and transparent guidelines. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with all academic policies. Those seeking clarity on educational policies should consult with their advisor.

LdM aims to cultivate an environment that stimulates students scholastic potential and considers class attendance fundamental to successful academic performance. Details of this policy may be found here and in the Academic Catalog.

Student Advising

LdM student advisors provide guidance and support to make sure that students’ study abroad experience is a success. All of our students benefit from regular contact and support of energetic and dedicated advisors who are skilled in helping them adjust to the LdM campus and their new Italian culture. 

LdM Advisors are here to help students with navigating administrative processes while supporting academic decisions (e.g., adding and dropping courses) and progress throughout their stay at LdM. They also offer a wide range of information and services as well as organizing social and cultural events enabling students to get the most out of their stay in Italy.

For medical and psychological health concerns, Advisors can refer students to counselors and doctors equipped to handle a wide range of issues.

For more information, please contact LdM at [email protected].

Student Orientation 

All students at LdM benefit from extensive mandatory orientation sessions to ensure a successful transition. These sessions are designed to help them adjust to their new environment at LdM and in Italy as well as explain essential information about academic policies and expectations, housing, and Italian law.

Health and Safety

All of LdM facilities and buildings are fully insured and maintained by Italian and European Community health and safety regulations, fire equipment maintenance rules, and emergency procedures.

Health and safety information are provided to the LdM students during orientation meetings upon arrival. The Institute works closely with local police authorities concerning issues of mutual concern.

LdM students are instructed how to register with the local police and are issued with an emergency telephone number which connects them with an LdM advisor twenty-four hours a day, seven-days a week. In case of health issues, students are referred to English speaking physicians on site.

For any questions, please email [email protected].

Understanding student adjustment abroad

Adjusting to a new culture and environment can generate a wide variety of reactions and feelings and requires flexibility and an open mind. It is a normal process to adjust to some aspects of life that are different such as the language or unfamiliar food and daily routine. Interpersonal interactions also vary according to the social norms of the host country and city. 

Everyone goes through acclimating to their new environment in their own way. Each stage can last various lengths of time for different people and can sometimes happen more than once over a given period. It requires some preparation on the students’ part, including managing expectations before, during, and after their experience to adapt to living in a new country. Resources provided by the home institution’s study abroad office and from the LdM pre-departure information can be helpful in preparing students for this transition. LdM advisors, resources, and activities on-site can further aid in the process.

Connecting with students abroad 

Family and friends may stay connected via various applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Chat. However, LdM requires all students to have a cellular phone during their stay in Italy, so they may be reached in case of an emergency. There are many options which include obtaining a plan for cellular use abroad or purchasing an Italian SIM card to use with any unlocked GSM cellular phone from the home country. More information is available in the LdM Pre-Departure Guide as well as at orientation.