LdM Florence Student Clubs

Student Clubs are small associations where students can explore new interests in a socially inclusive environment while immersing themselves in Italian culture. Following LdM philosophy and mission, LdM Student Clubs’ goal is that of promoting the students’ personal and spiritual growth, which can be strongly improved by a cultural experience abroad.

The LdM Student Clubs aim for a balance between mutual interaction, socialization, introduction, and participation in the host community. For this reason, LdM cooperates with a variety of respected institutions and associations working in Florence in a wide range of fields. 

The LdM Clubs Coordinator, in collaboration with the Academic Advisors, coordinates and promotes leadership, community development opportunities, and participation in a wide range of diverse and inclusive clubs and organizations at LdM.

*Clubs are temporarily suspended. LdM is evaluating the possibility to restore the LdM Florence Clubs, according to the situation of  the pandemic.

Here are some examples of clubs organized by LdM Florence:


Pilates is a method of body training based on using positioning and gravity to work the muscles. This club provides students with an opportunity to take care of themselves and exercise. It gives students the opportunity to understand the practice of Pilates and its mental and physical health benefits.


The Soccer Club (Calcio in Italian) invites students to develop their soccer skills in challenging, team-based training sessions held at a local pitch. Playing soccer is a way for students to stay active as well as an opportunity to participate in an intrinsic component of Italian culture.


The Volleyball Club holds weekly practices at a local volleyball court where students learn volleyball techniques while engaging in an energetic team environment.


Board games are internationally loved, a great way to meet new friends and have fun. Both games in English and Italian are played – but extra points are earned if the winner remembers to yell ho vinto


Students will have the opportunity to develop their own artistic project by working together with a professional artist, with the freedom to create their unique talent. Self-expression and awareness are the ultimate goal of this club, open to anyone who wants to experience the power of fine arts.


The Yoga Club provides students with a safe place to practice the serenity of body and mind through movement and breathing exercises, all while building a consciousness of healthy living, relaxation, and community.


Body Sculpt or otherwise known as ‘core conditioning’ is a non-aerobic muscle toning and cardio class. A certified instructor will lead students through fun and energetic exercises with emphasis on bodyweight training. No prior experience is necessary.


The Ceramics Club introduces students to basic ceramic techniques that foster creative expression and well-being through wheel work and modeling clay.

Please note: this club is open to students who are currently enrolled in ceramic courses.


Open to all levels of singers, students will sing music in English, while also being exposed to contemporary Italian music. The club ensures that students will have fun, while practicing their singing skills and being part of a creative LdM community.


The Jam Ensemble Club invites students to make new music in a fun-filled environment, alongside an award-winning Italian musician.  All types of instruments are welcome.  


The Ballet Club introduces students to this discipline, both complete beginners and experienced dancers. Beginner and intermediate classes will be offered to accommodate different levels of skill.