Lorenzo de’ Medici Cooking School

The Lorenzo de’ Medici Cooking School (or Cucina LdM) in Florence offers a new experience to all those who love food and its preparation and who want to discover important aspects of the Italian way of life, while acquiring culinary knowledge. Food lovers have the opportunity to participate in cooking courses held in the charming backdrop of the Mercato Centrale – a historic market in the beating heart of the San Lorenzo area – and in direct contact with the market’s food producers and vendors, the so-called “Artisans of Taste.”

The market producers and their selected ingredients are the central feature of the courses offered at Lorenzo de’ Medici Cooking School. Participants will become part of the hustle and bustle of market life at the Mercato Centrale: they will discover Italian food quality standards and learn about healthy, authentic, and high quality products. In addition to teaching practical aspects of cooking and food preparation, qualified chefs will transmit their passion for food, the absolute importance of top-quality ingredients and their nutritional values, and how the recipes prepared ultimately influence both physical and mental well-being.

Entering the Lorenzo de‘ Medici Cooking School is not just about learning how to “create” a recipe, but about acquiring the “knowledge” of that recipe. By learning more about the Mediterranean culture to which Italian cuisine belongs, participants acquire the wealth of culinary knowledge and preparation styles that have been handed down from generation to generation.

In June 2019 LdM has expanded in the north-west of Italy with a new Cooking School in Turin. A refined city, rich in history and art, and once the capital of Italy, Turin is a cultural and gastronomy crossroad between Italy and Europe.

Courses are held in English and Italian, and they are available both to LdM students and the wider public. Participants can choose from a wide range of classes (from fresh pasta to meat recipes, without forgetting seafood and vegetarian dishes) and they also have the chance to customize their course according to their interests.

For more information on the course schedule, please visit the schools’ websites: Cucina LdM Florence and Cucina LdM Turin.