Fashion Marketing and Merchandising

The Fashion Marketing and Merchandising Certificate aims to shape both design and marketing professionals who have the techniques and skills needed to read and interpret the market and its emerging trends. Students will develop the ability to perform professionally in today’s evolving and expanding fashion industry. They will learn how to think critically and creatively, and to find innovative solutions to meet consumer demand for products from production to distribution while delivering effective brand communication. 

The Program focuses on the dynamics of retail buying, market strategy, brand identification and management, while also analyzing brand positioning. Through the examination of the fashion industry as a complex cultural expression, students learn how it interacts with the production and consumption of designer goods by analyzing consumer behavior, buying concepts, and business management and strategies from a global perspective. Students work on collaborative teams and within an international context simulating the demands of today’s work environment. This allows students to see differing views as a point of reflection, as they learn to integrate the skills gained from in-depth studies of multiple disciplines. 

Facilities provide students with a computer lab equipped with the latest industry software and technologies, classrooms equipped with professional design tools and instruments, material samples, and a library specifically focused on the fashion industry, including periodicals, books, press, and film.

The certificate prepares students with the business know-how and marketing skills while providing a foundation for a wide range of career opportunities in fashion merchandising, management, buying, visual merchandising, public relations and other areas in retail and promotion.



•Introduction to the Fashion Industry3 credits/45 hours
•Textile Science – 3 credits/45 hours
•Fashion Marketing – 3 credits/45 hours
•Fashion Consumer Behavior – 3 credits/45 hours
•Visual Merchandising – 3 credits / 45 hours


•Luxury Brand Management – 3 credits/45 hours
•Retail Management – 3 credits/45 hours
•Fashion Buying Concepts – 3 credits/45 hours
•Fashion Entrepreneurship – 3 credits/45 hours

Choice of one of the following:
•International Business Negotiation – 3 credits/45 hours
•Global Fashion Merchandising – 3 credits/45 hours

Course descriptions are available in the Academic Catalog.


– Computer lab equipped with the latest industry software and technologies
– Classrooms equipped with design tools and instruments
– Material samples
– Library specifically focused on the fashion industry, including periodicals, books, press, and movies