Academic Advisors

Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici strives to provide study abroad and academic advisors with all the relevant information to facilitate the advising process and to aid students in making fully informed decisions about their LdM experience- from campus, term, and course selection to residential and extracurricular considerations.

Academic Calendar

The LdM Academic Calendar includes term and instruction start and end dates and other pertinent information, such as make-up days and public holidays in Italy, for current and upcoming sessions. Click here to download the Academic Calendar.

Course Schedules

The schedules show the course codes and descriptions, the meeting days and times, classrooms, and instructors of the courses offered. Consult class schedules for current and upcoming academic sessions.


LdM admits students from around the globe who want an international higher-education experience. For those seeking US transferable credit, they can apply to LdM through an institutional affiliate, an academic provider, or directly through LdM. Students attending LdM may receive either the LdM transcript or a Marist College transcript. 

Please visit Admissions: US Transferable Credits for detailed information.

  •   If your institution does not have an affiliation with LdM or one of its program provider partners, we encourage you to consider formal affiliation for the various benefits afforded to your students. Please consult the Become an Affiliate section for more information.
  •   If you are not ready to affiliate with LdM or one of its partners, please direct your student to [email protected] to enroll independently.
  •   If your institution is already affiliated with LdM or with one of our program provider partners, please consult your designated contact for all admissions inquiries.

Advisors and agents working with students who are NOT seeking US transferable credit should consult our Admissions: All Other Applicants section.

LdM Academic Policies

LdM has established policies and procedures to ensure academic quality and a respectful learning environment for all institutional participants. These rules are in place to allow everyone to understand their rights and responsibilities clearly. Policies and procedures protect the integrity of LdM while providing fair and transparent guidelines to everyone. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with all academic policies and if clarity is needed on any academic policies, they should consult with their LdM student advisor. 

For more information, visit the LdM academic services and policies page.

Student Advising

LdM provides all students guidance and support by experienced student advisors, whom make sure their study abroad experience is a success. All of our students benefit from the consistent contact and support of energetic and dedicated advisors, helping them to adjust to the LdM campus and their new Italian culture. 

LdM Advisors help students with navigating administrative processes while supporting academic progress throughout their stay at LdM. In addition, they offer a variety of advice and services, like organizing social and cultural events to assist students in getting  the most out of their stay in Italy. For medical and mental health concerns, LdM advisors can refer students to counselors and doctors equipped to handle a wide range of issues.

Student Health and Safety

All of LdM facilities and buildings are fully insured and maintained in accordance with Italian and European Community health and safety regulations, fire equipment maintenance rules, and emergency procedures.

Predetermined emergency plans are available upon request. Health and safety information are provided to the LdM students during orientation meetings upon arrival. The Institute works closely with local police authorities concerning issues of mutual concern.

At orientation, LdM students are instructed how to register with the local police and are issued with an emergency telephone number, connecting them with an LdM Advisor twenty-four hours a day, seven-days a week. In case of health and psychological issues, students are referred to English speaking physicians on site.

LdM Housing Services

Comfort and safety are integral for a successful study abroad experience and to facilitate this, LdM offers a free service to help students find the best housing option. The most popular option is the LdM student shared apartment. There is also the full immersion option where attendees live in a homestay with a local Italian family, which includes half-board/meals (usually breakfast and dinner, in Tuscania students are also offered lunch). Those who have chosen to live in a Homestay may consult the host family or LdM Housing Services for housing safety tips and individual housing necessities.

Visit the Housing Services page for more information.

Student Activities

Studying abroad offers the rare opportunity to explore and to learn about another culture first-hand. All students are encouraged to explore their host cities and beyond to develop their intellectual, spiritual, cultural, social, vocational and physical potential.

To find out more about LdM activities view the Student Life and Campus Location sections.

Student Facilities

Each LdM site provides students with a wide range of amenities unique to the location and academic offerings special to each site. Among the facilities are large specialized art studios, heated classrooms, a cafeteria, courtyard gardens, extensive libraries, computer centers, and an extensive Wi-Fi network. At each site, qualified and dedicated staff are ready to assist students in every aspect of their academic programs and inform them about events and news in their host city.

Find out more about the site-specific facilities at each LdM campus here: Florence and Tuscania.