LdM Florence Activities

Activities include a wide range of events and tours offered throughout the semester. They are designed to facilitate students’ exploration of Florentine and Italian culture in a meaningful and interesting way, incorporating students’ vast scope of interests. Each activity has a specific objective aimed to enhance a connection to Italy and its culture.

Activities are open to all students, whether enrolled in a club or not. Throughout the semester, students will regularly receive detailed information from their advisor regarding the activities (list of offered activities, dates, and sign-up days for the following activities period).

Below are some examples of the activities offered:

Please note that, within the context of COVID-19, the LdM program features and services outlined herein are subject to modification in accordance with applicable government and LdM health and safety measures. To check the current status of student activities, please consult our Health and Safety page


Students learn more about the city, its monuments, and the beauty to be found here in many forms. We explore the lesser-known parts of Florence, and learn about the incredible history of the city we live in, while taking a closer look at Italians’ everyday life, seeing the city as the locals do.


Students who love food and want to further explore this important aspect of Italian culture are invited to see how many traditional dishes are made, learn some unique Italian recipes and taste traditional cruisine, there will be lots of delicious activities to join!


Discover high-quality artisan workshops and historical shops! Students will be immersed in an authentic Florentine context: the bottega (workshop), where we will meet Florentine maestri and appreciate their unique artisan skills and techniques.


Known as the cradle of the Renaissance, there is no better place than Florence to discover the rich cultural history of the arts, from master painters to opera composers. Students can join guided tours of world-famous museums, discovering their treasures and secrets. We will also attend opera and theater performances, providing various opportunities to experience dance, theatre and music in many forms and expressions.


Escape the crowded city center and head to the lush green landscape just beyond the stone walls. Students who enjoy nature and want to get outside will have the opportunity to explore one of the many parks, gardens, or villas within Florence and the surrounding areas. Getting some fresh air and being immersed in Tuscan greenery is always worth the venture.


Throughout the semester students will have the opportunity to participate in short trips outside tourist routes with the Activities Coordinator. We will get to know the surrounding countryside, filled with hidden gems, medieval villages, and winery estates. There are so many places offering something unique to discover just a short train/bus ride away!


LdM aims to help promote an understanding of LGBTQ+ identity and maintain a safe space in which all students can thrive. Any ‘Arcobaleno’ activity would provide a relaxed and safe environment for anyone to share or learn about topics related to sexuality and gender in today’s Italian culture.