Study Abroad Programs

Studying Abroad at LdM means students have a distinctive opportunity to learn both inside and outside of the classroom, exploring and utilizing the resources of the host city, its art, architecture, and monuments as part of a theoretical and practical education. They will be immersed in Italian language and culture while getting to know and appreciate Italy’s rich history and people. LdM helps students strike a balance between personal discovery by living and learning about a new culture, and the rigorous coursework that is necessary for academic growth.

LdM is partnered with over 100 institutions worldwide making the Study Abroad Program a rich multicultural experience. The programs are designed to encourage awareness not only of the course topics but also of the Italian culture in which they are studied. Students can choose and combine their courses from different departments. This allows them to discover new interests while pursuing their academic and professional goals. 

The study abroad experience is also an opportunity for students to gain knowledge and achieve personal growth while engaging with others from across the globe.

The LdM Study Abroad Program covers the following sessions:

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Two Italies Program